Card Craft

Book by J.K. Hartman
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Card Craft

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Book by J.K. Hartman (104.95)

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One of the biggest books of card magic ever written is available again! This hardback gem features over 200 routines across nearly 700 amazing pages.

"A marvelous work that has inspired many, many card magicians. It certainly inspired me! Without this book, your card magic education is seriously incomplete. Must-have!" John Bannon

Card Craft by J.K. Hartman has long been considered a required book in every magic library. It's filled with 100s of card magic miracles that are surprisingly easy to do. None of them require difficult sleight of hand, and they're all taught in crystal-clear detail through 1,500 illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt. (The MOST illustrations ever included in a single card magic book!)

"Simply excellent!" Harry Lorayne

Over 5 years in the making, this remarkable collection of card trickery is bound to inspire you. Regardless of your skill level, you'll walk away with a lifetime's worth of new material.

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Customer reviews for Card Craft

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For a long time it was impossible to get a copy of this book, the second-hand price was crazy. It is an essential element for any collector or student of card magic. a small encyclopedia for all levels.



JK Hartmann is a master. I started serious magic many years ago with his tricks. I later bought After craft as Card craft was no more available at that time. After craft was extraordinary. So I was very happy to see recently that Card craft was available again to sell. I did not started studying it yet (currently into John Bannon) but I am confident this is gold.



This is an excellent book for a beginner to progress to as the sleights are not super hard to do. I love the format of the book where it starts wirh describing sleights and then goes into the routines. The explanations are excellent and the illustrations are great too. The effects are great, and there are quite a number of new ideas that I haven't seen before. I love sleight of hand but if a move takes years to perfect it can become a bit demoralizing. This is an excellent resource and I highly recommend it. Get this!



If you want a book full of clever card magic and sleight of hand techniques that won't bust your knuckles, you need Card Craft. JK Hartman is one of our great creators and this book represents literally hundreds of items out of his repertoire, from unique double lifts to switches to forces to transpositions to gambling-themed pieces and so, so much more. At nearly 700 pages, this book will keep you busy for a very, very long time.


Community questions about Card Craft

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  • Nancy asks: Is the material additional info to the book After Craft?

    • 1. Jon answers: After Craft is the sequel to Card Craft, both follow the same format of slights and tricks being taught but the content is standalone.
    • 2. Chris answers: For those who need a copy of the missing page, the publisher has posted it at this link:
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  • Jeff asks: Page 377 is Missing! After receiving the new printing of "Card Craft" and going through it I have found a problem, page 377 is Missing! Instead of the page 377, there is a duplicate of page 583. The original pressing of "Card Craft" does not have this problem. So, how does this situation get rectified? Tipped in Page with apologies? page 377 emailed to you, you tip it in? Nothing? If the book is re-set and reprinted (ha ha ha that ain't happenin') then do the people who purchased the re-print of "Card Craft" with the missing pages just have an incomplete book? I know of the other books/booklets/videos that have the specific effect Featured in them but, when you buy the tome "Card Craft" and then you have to hunt around for missing pages from other titles or buy other titles in order to have the book be complete, that sucks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We have raised this issue with Richard Kaufman, the publisher, who will work on a solution. This is likely to be a PDF of the missing page. When we get this, we will email it to all purchasers.
  • Don asks: Are all your copies of the “Card Craft” misprinted?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: All the copies in the world are, not just ours. Richard Kaufman is working on an erratum pdf.
  • Craig asks: Shouldn't you add a note to this page front and center, so potential buyers no about the error? I personally, wouldn't want to spend $100+ dollars on a book only to find out there's major flaw in it like this one.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A PDF of the missing page is being prepared by the publisher.
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