Commercial Killers

Book by Chris Congreave
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Commercial Killers

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Book by Chris Congreave (64.95)

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28 practical, commercial routines you can starting performing right away. Effects with cards, coins, some mentalism, and even an essay on how to put together a strolling act, all in one beautiful hardback book.

"Wow! You could literally add all of these in your repertoire. These are simple to understand yet, all of those tricks are killers." Michel Huot

Contents of Commercial Killers by Chris Congreave

Blank Monte
An eye-popping, in-the-hand packet trick designed for the strolling performer.

Prediction Packet
A small packed of cards is used for a quick and amazing prediction.

ESP Stroller
Another in-the-hands packet effect that is strong enough to have been released on its own.

A brilliant prediction effect using everyday objects that you can, and will, carry with you everywhere.

52 to 1
A hilarious comedy prediction that quickly transforms into an impossible miracle.

Pack in Hand
A spectator holding a single card impossibly ends up holding a full deck of cards with this wonderful transposition effect.

Wolverhampton Opener
The Chicago Opener gets an infusion of Wolverhampton Humor in this fun card trick.

I'm Not Lying
An entertaining lie detector style effect that allows you to have a ton of byplay with your audience.

Lucky Number
This prediction effect will leave them stunned.

Coin Prediction 3
An off-the-wall coin and card effect.

Red Hot
A powerful commercial card routine with a thought-of-card-in-wallet finish.

Card in Tin
A shockingly visual twist to a classic plot.

Card in Tin (Tabled Version)
The card jumps under the tin multiple times before appearing in the tin in this true worker that Chris uses to slay audiences at every gig.

Trade Show Quick Trick
This is a quick and powerful trick that anyone working trade shows must know.

Stickman Stan Rides Again
A lovely stickman effect that has an ending no one sees coming.

Not Another Stickman Trick
A book would be no fun if it only had one stickman trick, so Chris added another.

What's Mine is Mine
A squeaky clean packet trick.

Big Fat Sandwich
A card sandwich effect, with a twist.

Kickback Jokers
A kickback routine with Jokers.

Which Hand Prediction
Use this on its own or as a stunning finale to a "which hand" routine.

Card Box Killer
A super visual ending you can use with many of your favorite card routines.

Black and White Monte
A lovely in-the-hands variation on the classic "Color Monte" effect that uses regular playing cards.

Acme Portable Hole
Like a cartoon coming to life, this delightful effect leaves the spectator with an impossible object.

Another great strolling effect using Jokers and a signed card.

Cutting Personalities
An amazing take on the Spectator Cuts the Aces plot.

Not Chosen by Gary Jones
Chris has taken a great Gary Jones effect and make it more visible and visual for larger tables.

Gambler's Nightmare
An inside look at card cheating that you can personalize to fit your style and will leave them scratching their heads.

How to Put Together a Strolling Act
An insightful and valuable essay for any walkaround performer.

"I have been lucky enough to have seen most of the effects in Commercial Killers, and I have Road tested at least half a dozen of them myself. All I can say is the purchaser is in for a real treat. There are effects in this collection for the hobbyist and the professional, plus the tips and advice too. Awesome." Gary Jones

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Customer reviews for Commercial Killers



Fantastic book. Crammed to the rafters with usable and practical workers.



I was in 2 minds in getting this book as it seems a bit pricey. However I am really enjoying this book. All the effects are well thought out and is just a pleasure to perform. The book is certainly worth it's weight in Gold. There is a lot of effects in here and they are all workers. The production values are fairly good it has the feel of a self published book, so it's not as luxurious as some the VI books. But ultimately it's about the contents and on that score it delivers.


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