DeLand: Mystery and Madness

Book by Kaufman & Co. and Theodore DeLand
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DeLand: Mystery and Madness

150.00 usd

Book by Kaufman & Co. and Theodore DeLand (150.00)

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The mad genius of card magic,Theodore DeLand, created over 100 tricks between 1904 and 1915. He was famous for his ingenious invention of specially printed gimmicked cards and marked decks, which for the first time allowed everyone to perform amazing tricks with no sleight of hand. He was among the most influential inventors of card magic in the 20th century. 

DeLand’s life has been a mystery for over 100 years, but diligent research has presented famed author Richard Kaufman with the opportunity to reveal DeLand’s deepest secrets, which led to his tragic end, in a book that combines magic with biography in a new way. All of DeLand’s miracles are presented in this lavish 608-page full-color over-sized volume weighing 10 pounds. A full deck of gimmicked cards printed specially for this book is also included. 

  • Full color
  • 608 pages
  • Museum quality binding and slipcase
  • Includes 54 gimmicked cards


Customer reviews for DeLand: Mystery and Madness



Oh wow what a book. Leave it up to Kaufman to write something like this. It's an super fascinating book and contains a lot of historic info and some really interesting card effects with gimmicks. The deok of card you get with the book is great.

This book is massive and the productiom values are surpreme.

This book is for real magic lovers. I am very pleased to have this book.



Somehow, I hadn't heard about this book when it was released. But over the past year, when we've all been quarantined, I happened to attend various magic chats, zoom presentations, virtual shows, etc. And during these events, which give you a heretofore unmatched window into the homes (and lives) of fellow magic enthusiasts, I spotted this big, colorful DeLand tome on peoples' bookshelves! And it kept happening - from Canada, Las Vegas, London, New York - I kept spotting this big ol' DeLand book on the shelves of many talented and interesting folk. Finally curiosity got the better of me and I ordered one for myself!

Boy am I glad I did! First, the book is gorgeous. Second, there is so much about DeLand's story unearthed in these pages that I was completely unaware of. Mystery. Madness. And, yes, Magic! A beautiful addition to my magic library and a wonderful read!



This is a book for people who love books, magic or otherwise. The production quality is amazing, with the large volume sturdily bound and encased in a beautiful slip case. The text is a fascinating mix of history and magic tricks, most using DeLand's famous gaffed cards. Each book comes with a full deck of professionally printed DeLand gaffs that are designed to to work with standard Bicycle playing card backs. Use of the gaffs is explained within the book as part of the many excellent tricks explained therein. This is a gorgeous, fascinating book and I heartily recommend it.



My review is about the deck thath should be included in the book. On the page of Deland's Automatic Deck you say (I have the screenshot): "these special decks are replacement decks from the DeLand: Mystery and Madness book set". The image show black box deck with white letters thath include the word "automatic" on it. What I hade received is the mistery and madness deck (white box with black letters, no automatic). And also the extra deck thath I had bay to be sure to have both model is arrived identical to thath.

Furthermore outside of my pack there is an invoice order thath show part of the content of the order. (It is print also on the box.. you simply recycle the shipping boxes of the mega and beautiful books of Deland's, maybe.. that it's fine). If this box items revelation is unpleasant and not professional for any kind of person, it is even more for a magician. If vanishing Inc do not guaranteed me that the pack content revelation will finish and be limited to this pack I will seriously rethink about bay other thing from you.


Community questions about DeLand: Mystery and Madness

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  • Gene asks: Hello, I have seen this book offered at other web pages. My understanding that there were Deland Playing Cards that can be used for some of the effects in the book? If so do you have those decks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Deland decks were just available in the sold out deluxe edition, to the best of our knowledge.
    • 2. Richard answers: The Mystery and Madness Deck, which is included with the book, will allow you to perform over a dozen tricks explained in the book which use gimmicked cards.
    • 3. Chris answers: The included 54 gaffed cards are designed to work with a normal bicycle back deck.
  • Robert asks: I am sure the book is wonderful. As a working magician, I sometimes use gimmicked cards. I sometimes need to replace to replace those cards. I can't afford to spend $150 for replacements. What can be done about that?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can email us for this. We are able to get the decks in very limited quantities (at the time fo writing).
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