DeSouza's DeCeptions

Book by Marc DeSouza
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DeSouza's DeCeptions

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Book by Marc DeSouza (60.00)

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** Note: DVD is no longer included.**

Imagine a collection of material that is perfectly crafted for real-world use, each effect tried and tested hundreds of times before thousands of people, then trimmed to remove every last ounce of fat. Imagine a repertoire of routines that can each steal a show, astonishing in effect and cunning in method, parcelled in presentations that are amusing, entertaining and engaging. Imagine that you are holding such a treasure trove of material in your hands right now...

Shapeshifter - One card, held at the fingertips, instantly changes into another in this eye-popping move that has been popularized by the likes of Allan Ackerman and David Blaine!

Twin Transpo x 2 - Two cards are chosen and signed, then vanish from the deck, only to appear inside the magician's wallet. They are removed and transpose with each other repeatedly under impossible conditions, then finally, the face from one card transposes with the back from the other, leaving the magician with one double-backed card and the spectator with one double-faced card, with both signed selections on each side!

Collection Agency - A lightning-fast version of Roy Walton's classic Collectors! Three freely-chosen cards appear face down and interlaced between four face-up Aces in the blink of an eye!

Quad-Ringle Plus - A borrowed finger ring frees itself repeatedly from a length of rope, at times unexpectedly, at times visibly, then finally, it vanishes, only to appear inside a card case that was resting on the table from the outset!

Die of Destiny - A spectator freely chooses a card, then replaces it anywhere in the deck. So far, sounds familiar... But then, with the help of a blank die and a fertile imagination, she first eliminates clumps of cards, then individual cards, until finally, she arrives at one lone card. Slowly, carefully, she turns the card face up, revealing it to be her selection! Marc's beautiful approach to this Claude Rix classic is worth the price of the book!

Plus Miniature Bowling Ball From Briefcase, Snowflake, Copper/Silver My Way, Picasso's Bill, The Cover Change, and so much more! DeSouza's Deceptions is 142 pages of pure, audience-tested deception, written by David Acer and lavishly illustrated with over 220 photographs. 

142 pages. Hardcover, color dustjacket.


Customer reviews for DeSouza's DeCeptions



DeSouza's Deceptions is a wonderful little book that does no longer come with a DVD but for the book itself there are some truly good routine taught and there are a lot of moves in the book by a host of magicians so you can lean the bluff shift and the diagonal palm shift and a whole lot more with very clear illustrations it is a book you will enjoy studying.



Covers a great variety of magic, including card magic slight of hand, and much more. Very enjoyable.


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