False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)

Book by Ryan Schlutz
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False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)

75.00 usd

Book by Ryan Schlutz (75.00)

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A project years in the making, False Anchors is a LIMITED EDITION release featuring a collection of mind-blowing effects from the amazingly creative mind of Ryan Schlutz. These effects are NOT AVAILABLE in any of his other videos or lectures.

Originally released in 3 different volumes (each of which sold out immediately) these effects have been highly sought after by magicians around the globe—especially those who have been fooled by them at magic conventions over the years. Now, you can finally get ALL of these remarkable routines in one stunningly gorgeous hardcover book.

But, don’t wait too long. This book will NEVER be printed again.

Ryan Schlutz is a master of developing innovative magic tricks that are insanely deceptive without requiring any complex sleight of hand. In fact, many of these magic tricks require almost NO SLEIGHT OF HAND.

Beyond learning a variety of powerful close-up and parlor magic routines, you’ll also be introduced to the idea of False Anchors—a concept that Ryan has been honing for more than two decades. Discover techniques that allow you to alter a person’s perception so much, they’ll believe it is their new reality. You’ll also learn how to effectively erase any suspicious memories from your spectator’s recollection, leaving them with only a moment of pure astonishment.

Ryan will also teach you how to integrate these new ideas into your existing routines.

Each False Anchors book comes with a professionally-crafted gimmick that is used for one of the most powerful effects in the book.


Customer reviews for False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)



Really good read and I’m learning lots of great tricks



Have you ever had a thought then quickly forgot it? If you're like me, the reason you forgot it in the first place is you didn't create an anchor for it in your mind.

The title of this book is indicative of the author's paradigm on performing magic. A memory is created in the spectator's mind of what they consider important. However, during the performance a procedural aspect of the effect is erased...a false anchor was created. In essence, the audience has a fictious memory on the how the effect was accomplished.

A common thread from other reviewers of this book is the very first effect. After I read the methodology, I was amazed how simple the False Anchor concept is applied. Briefly, a spectator shuffles the deck before and after choosing his/her card. The magician is then able to reveal the selection.

A while back (like a looong time ago), I read about daub from one of Ed Marlo's books. The amazing part of the methodology is while the spectator is doing all the work he/she applies the daub without being aware of doing so. The procedural aspect of this presentation creates false memories in the spectator so he/she cannot decern what they did to tip off the magician to their selected card.

The other effects are as impressive as the first. The included gimmick is exceptionally well made and will last...forever. Ryan Schlutz writes well and explains his methodology just as well. As the description indicates, once these books are gone...no more will be printed. If this book is still available when you're reading this...I highly recommend you get it now!



This book is a compilation of previous limited editions booklets that are no longer available. It is a fine book with a very dense content, nicely laid out and carefully produced. The tricks described in the book are easy to perform, and produce a considerable effect on spectators, almost effortlessly, thanks to clever, underhand tricks. The ideal complement to this purchase is the big blind media videos in which Ryan Schlutz performs some of these tricks. A very good investment, available to almost everyone. My favorites : Equifinality, Forget to remember, and Clearly see-through.



I’ve just finished to read the first effect. It is worth the whole price of the book in my opinion. The whole concept of “false anchor” is what every magician should reach to achieve the most perfect act or show (or at least something very similar to perfection, in the spectator’s mind). The quality of the book is really good, not a surprise coming from Vanishing, as all the books they produce are top quality. It is a thin book, but with some really good content. Worth the buy.



I am a really huge fan of Ryan Schlutz. I love his many self working effects. However, I am reluctantly giving False Anchors a personal four and 1/2 stars. Not because the book is not excellent but because its contents are not a perfect fit to my performance style as an amateur magician. (Okay, that is a bit picky, there is a lot in it that I will use!) I really like "The One with the High Five" As an amateur I will probably only perform it once at our local magic fellowship. I am constructing the props for that one time performance! (Maybe I'll get a chance to perform it in act someday, too!)

As for the rest, lots of excellent moves and easy "sleights" which makes the book a worthy addition to my book shelf.



This book is amazing on all fronts. It looks amazing. There are full-color pictures and really in-depth explanations. The routines themselves are geared toward beginners but don't let that suggest that they are "weak" or anything less than mind-blowing. It is apparent that Ryan put a lot of time into making these routines accessible to beginners. An amazing book that is definitely worth the price.



I don’t normally leave reviews, but this book is too important to not leave a review. You may see the price and shy away from the purchase, but you shouldn’t. I know the price is high, but the ideas and principles locked in these pages is worth every penny.

If you’re a working pro, just the addition of one of the tricks in this book will allow you to raise your rates, thus covering your investment in this book. If you are just starting out, you will be starting with a huge advantage over everyone else.

This is god level magic, without the god level skill required. This will become one of the most sought after books on magic, guaranteed.



Today I received Ryan Schlutz's book "False Anchors." As soon as I read his first effect I knew that I had spent my money well. I manage a show in STL and perform restaurant magic weekly. I see myself performing these effects in both environments. After the pandemic and the world returns to normal, I look forward to performing these routines and especially have my sights on "I Love You," "In-Air Transpo," and "The One with the High Five." I feel that Ryan put lots of care, effort and attention to detail in this project and shares with us only excellent material.


Mohammad Zubair

Good book with excellent production value. The gimmick is sturdy. It is a small book with great material. Some people may be put off due to the price tag. It is still value for money if you want great card magic. If you want more tricks for the same money, then you could look for unanchored by the same author.



Well, I first want to fix a misconception. This book is NOT 130+ pages. From the first printed page to the last printed page is 128. And even that number is misleading, as there are 22 pages that are strictly pretty pictures and a quote.

Now, the quotes are good, and the pictures - heck, the book in general is gorgeous....but this is NOT a 130+ page book. It's 105 by my count.

And of the 105 pages, some of the pages are dominated by a large picture - sometimes "performance photos" and sometimes fairly redundant ones, such as showing a spread of cards before AND after dividing the spread into reds and blacks.

Secondly, I bought the book because I love parlor and small stage magic, and the book was touted as having some parlor.

Well, certainly not much parlor, which for me raises the cost per page quite high.

The close up material certainly seems eminently do-able, but not my cup of tea.


Community questions about False Anchors (Book + Gimmick)

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  • Patrick asks: Hello, how many pages are in the book please?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are 130+ full color pages.
  • Brett asks: Given that the book is $75 for 130 pages, it would seem the gimmick is driving the price. Can you tell us what the plot is for the effect that uses the gimmick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Fom Ryan himself: The cost of the book is based on how I value the ideas and tricks (many of them taking years of work to find the final solutions). While the gimmick does indeed have some manufacturing costs, I personally don’t feel it is driving the price (but I do understand how others may think that!). The routine I use it for—the deck is torn by the spectators and mixed. The spectators choose two halves at random and they match. That is a short description, but it is **closer** to my show.
  • Roberto asks: Is this book mostly card magic? Any coin work? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Fom Ryan himself: This is card magic. It is varies for Impossible magician effects, to parlor routines to walk around routines. So it is diverse set of card magic. Skill level for 95% would be skilled beginner.
  • Chris asks: Can you give the list of effects?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: —Contents— I Love You Secret Sauce Switch Strange Gift Flow vs. Sequential In-Air Transpo Coordinated Chaos Bottom Stock Control Top Stock Control Equifinality Forget To Remember (Updated) Somewhat Touched Counterpoint Card At Any Sum Sprung Location 6 Covers 6 Boxy Waltz Before The Thought Box Switch The One With The High Five Edge-Mark Pencil Dot GAP Clearly See-Through Other Ways To Use The GAP Principle Mind The Gap
  • Ralph asks: What were the previously released booklets with this material?

    • 1. Chad answers: False Anchors vol. 1-3. But it's stated that there's some additional stuff in this new collection--items that were not found previously in vol. 1-3. Cheers.
    • 2. Tim answers: I believe that they were False Anchors, volumes 1, 2 & 3.
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  • One asks: How many of these are printed? I cannot purchase it right now, but I definitely want this book!

    • 1. Jim answers: The exact number has not been released. We know that it is limited, and it will not be reprinted.
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