Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement

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Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement

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Book by Giacomo Bertini ($79.95)

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Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement - magic
Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement

Giacomo Bertini will be a name you're familiar with if you are at all interested in advanced coin magic. The respect his name holds is legendary. Due to his upbringing in Florence, Bertini could find almost no literature on coin magic. He met no magicians that shared his passion for coin magic. So he had little choice, he started creating his own.

This led to a wholly radical approach to coin magic. New theories. New sleights. A new approach and way of thinking that has turned the world of coin magic on its head.

The myriad of sleights invented by Bertini are both innovative and flexible. They build into a system that can both redesign the classics whilst lending themselves to the creation of unique plots and routines.

Until now, his work has been unrecognised by the magic community as the sea change it presents. Fortunately, Stephen Minch has written what will become a modern classic for those interested in advanced coin magic.

Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement teaches his radical approaches, his innovative new sleights and his system of "micro-misdirection". As well as a huge amount of tricks and routines these new ideas allow you to perform. This results in a whole new world of incredible coin magic, the like of which has not been seen before. A unique system of amazement.

Bertini went right back to the start. To the building blocks of coin magic sleight of hand. And pushed it to places no one has seen before. Then, as if that wasn't enough, he's added his own revolutionary ideas and techniques to create The Bertini System of Amazement.

Some small parts of his thinking have been written up in hard to get magazines, notes and videos. Never before has anyone published the entire system. The entire way of thinking. The entire approach to Bertini’s creation of fooling, entertaining, revolutionary coin magic.

Even if you've been studying coin magic your entire life, we guarantee you'll find something to startle you within the beautifully designed and immaculately written pages of Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement.

Includes Book and DVD.


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  • Pun Yin asks: Just would like to know how many pages and routine in this book? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are 161 pages.
  • Bob asks: Is this book a limited edition like the book by forces unseen, or is it likely to be reprinted?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will be reprinted (as well By Forces Unseen)
  • Richard asks: Would a coin magic beginner be able to use this book right away?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! this book is not for a beginner
    • 2. Giacomo answers: Sincerely this book is also for beginners, and if you really want to spend some time on coinmagic this book is for you. It is not important to learn other things from other books or videos, in this book there is a complete coinmagic system, which does not have many influences from old systems. So, step by step, you start from the first chapter (The Classic Palm) to the end, and find everything you need in this book to do all the routines. Paradoxically I think it's really a lot easier for those who start learning coinmagic and less easy for those with other previous influences.
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Customer reviews for Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement



This book describes a system for presenting coin magic standing, in front of seated spectators - and discusses the advantages, disadvantages and rationale for the system - before moving onto the sleights and routines.

The system described has a real fluidity to its movement and, as the accompanying DVD shows, when done well it is very deceptive.

This is coin magic of the highest order, presented by a master, with much to practice and enjoy in its 161 pages.



Stephen Minch is one of mine favorite magic literature writers and he did it again. This book exceeds my expectation on clarity of every trick and technique. Thid book isnt for beginner, and will take a solid few years of practice out of you.

Giacomo Bertini's System of Amazement by Giacomo Bertini