Going Pro (Softback)

Book by Andi Gladwin
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Going Pro (Softback)

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Book by Andi Gladwin (15.00)

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THE Book on How to Turn your Passion for Magic into Your Career

Vanishing Inc. cofounder Andi Gladwin has done something many magicians spend their whole lives dreaming about: he quit a good, secure job in the tech industry and followed his dream to become a professional magician. Going Pro will show you how to safely, happily make your hobby your career. Learn from someone who has already successfully transitioned to the world of performing, and avoid the mistakes you might otherwise make. It's all there, in a concise, attractive, 82-page essay collection.

Seven years ago Andi left a well-paying job in the tech industry to become a professional magician. Since he made that decision, he has performed on several high-profile television shows, grown one of the largest magic brands in the world, and appeared at hundreds of events around the globe.

Going Pro is a first-person account that is part business, part story, and part motivation. You'll learn the benefits of going pro, the reasons you shouldn't quit your day job (right away) and then the exact business techniques Andi used, from bootstrapping to gathering a "team" (and he doesn't mean employees). Among many other important topics, he will convincingly argue against the popular advice, "fake it till you make it." This isn't a book full of tired business-speak, but instead a focussed, modern look at the hardest decision any professional magician has to make. Along the way, you'll also learn from Roberto Giobbi, Eugene Burger, Chris Cox, John Archer and more on how they left their successful careers to become full-time performers. Like Andi, each have their own interesting stories to share.

You'll learn about exactly why Andi went pro, the tough decisions he had to make along the way and exactly how to apply what he learned to your own life. In fact, regardless of whether you actually plan to leave your job, or whether you want to follow another passion than magic, you'll still have plenty to learn from Andi. Already a professional, or not planning on a career change? You'll learn just as much from Andi's productivity tips and business ideas.

"You’re probably expecting me to tell you that I was scared out of my mind when I went pro," Andi says, "But I wasn’t; I took a very methodical approach that removed all fear. Now that I look back, I consider it the best decision of my life. I’m able to support my family better than ever before, I have more time with my wife and son, and I’m doing something I love. And on the best days, I can see how my work makes people happy, and impacts the world in a small but positive way."

Going Pro is Andi's gift to every magician who is thinking about making the same decision. It's a free ebook, or an inexpensive (yet gorgeous) softback. These 82-pages could just be the start of a whole new life in magic.


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Excellent, but short. I've long been a fan of Andi Gladwin's style of magic. He avoids the currently popular shock/trauma magic & creates a genuine interaction with his audience. His interest in the art of magic shows here w/ discussing being ready to going pro. Improving your skills, having a plan B, & taking the terror out of a blind leap made w/out planning. It's a short, quick read, but there's a lot of info, enough to help organize those voices in your head telling you to go pro.


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