I Am Not a Cardist

Book by Harapan Ong
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I Am Not a Cardist

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Book by Harapan Ong (34.95)

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A one-of-a-kind book featuring six new effects from Harapan Ong.

During his career, Harapan Ong has had two main identities: his current identity as a magician and the earlier part of his magic journey when he was a self-proclaimed caridist-wannabe. In this double-sided book, you’ll get to enjoy multiple amazing card effects from both worlds.

The first side, the eponymous “I Am Not a Cardist”, offers three powerful routines based on more traditional ideas. Flip the book over and you’ll find the “I Am a Cardist” section containing flashier card tricks that sprinkle in a touch of cardistry. Don’t let that intimidate you though. Even if you’ve never performed cardistry, everything is explained in detail. With a little practice, you’ll be able to perform these extraordinary routines.

Not sure which side to start on? Just follow the flowchart wrapped around the book to uncover which one might appeal to you first. Or, you can also follow the highly-recommended option of being a free spirit and diving right into either one.

Side 1 “I Am Not a Cardist” Contents

Among the Discarded
Inspired by the work of Aronson, Bannon, and Solomon, this easy-to-do sandwich routine packs a punch and features a surprise ending that will leave them stunned.

The Last Trick of Dr. Siva
Harapan adds a subtle touch to Dr. Daley’s Last Trick that reimplements an idea from the original handling that many magicians have often overlooked.

You As I You
Featuring an unpublished concept from Harapan’s friend George Hage, this extremely fooling Do As I Do style routine is an absolute gem that you’ll love performing.

Side 2 “I Am a Cardist” Contents

Dynamite Triumph
Using the incredible “Dynamite Deck Flip” flourish, Harapan has created a dazzling Triumph routine that will leave a lasting impression.

Revolver Shot
Harapan’s flashy and magical new approach to Daryl’s classic “Hot Sot Cut” is a sight to behold.

A stunning Ace location sequence in which the deck is seemingly mixed and shuffled throughout the whole routine.

Expand your horizons and discover your inner cardist (or non-cardist) with I Am Not a Cardist by Harapan Ong, available in limited quantities at Vanishing Inc. as part of a special partnership.


Customer reviews for I Am Not a Cardist



A small booklet that packs a lot of punch. Excellent takes on different card effects that have been around for awhile. 3 easy to do and 3 that will require practice. All in all I highly recommend this booklet. If you are a card guy you will enjoy it.


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  • Erik asks: hi, how many pages this book has?

    • 1. Harapan Ong (creator) responds: Hi Erik. Not counting the book covers, it has 72 pages!
  • Jack asks: Is this brand new material or is there any crossover with Principia?

    • 1. Harapan Ong (creator) responds: Hi Jack. Totally brand new, no crossover with Principia at all!
  • Scott asks: Is the Dynamite Deck Flip taught in the book?

    • 1. Harapan Ong (creator) responds: Hi Scott. Yes, it is!
  • Jörn asks: Is the book accompanied with videos like provided with the great book Principia (which set a new standard with that regard) ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Videos are not included
  • Jamie asks: Any idea when this will be back in stock?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We hope to have it soon. If you hit add to cart, you'll be emailed the moment it arrives.
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