In Order To Amaze

Book by Pit Hartling
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In Order To Amaze

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Book by Pit Hartling (60.00)

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Pit Hartling is among the top creators, authors and performers of card magic in the world today. His book Card Fictions has become a modern classic. This time Pit has turned to the memorized deck. The results are exceptional.

  • New concepts in memorized-deck magic.
  • Wide range of effects.
  • Engaging, unusual new plots and presentations.
  • Stack-independent: Almost all effects can be done with any stack.
  • Includes "Returning home to stack“ for every effect.
  • Expertly written. Clear and easy to read.
  • High-quality production (252 pages, artful design, full-colour photographs, hardcover, linen binding)

In Order to Amaze includes the following performance pieces:

High in the mountains, cards behave in mysterious ways. Three cards. Three free selections. Three perfect echoes.

Catch Me If You Can
It‘s sleight of hand vs. test conditions in this impossible two-deck sandwich routine.

The Poker Formulas
Deal any poker hand to any number of players. A Full, Threes over Jacks for nine players? You got it. (No math or memory required).

Close Encounters
Same cards from different decks like to meet up and hang out. A best-buddy triple coincidence.

An incredible "impossible location" using a shuffled stack (!) (Oh, and it’s funny, too!)

The Core
Find a thought-of card and see why a deck is like a piece of fruit. Also: How to peel a deck!

Thought Exchange
Why do all the work alone? This time you find their thought-of card – and they find yours!

A gambling demonstration for people who don’t play cards: Duplicate random hands from a shuffled (!) deck.

Just like that!
Teach me a trick!« You do, they succeed - and they have no idea how they did it!

Four Way Stop
A slow-motion quadruple stop trick. Not so easy, but Oh. So. Fair.

Top of the Heap
Four random packets. A freely named four-of-a-kind. And for once, the laying-on of hands really works!

Impossible Bet
Four packets change into a Royal Flush? In one second, with one hand, without looking? Yep.

The Illusionist
Cut to a freely named four-of-a-kind – that was actually in your pocket the whole time!

A triple back and forth change of random cards into a named quartet. Highly visual (and rumoured to get screams!)

Fairy Tale Poker
The enchanted deck that will grant your spectators’ wishes! (Talking frog not included).

The Right Kind of Wrong
Sometimes dead wrong is exactly right - if only seen from another deck!

"Extraordinary. You need this book. You’ll love this book!“ Michael Close, MUM
"Of tremendous value to anyone, whether or not you ever use a memorized deck.“ Simon Aronson
"My favourite magic book.“ Dynamo
"That’s f*** amazing! Is this yours?“ David Blaine on The Poker Formulas
"The most creative corpus, the most profound work.“ Juan Tamariz
"A wonderful book on every level.“ Mark Leveridge, Magicseen
"Exceptional! Jaw-dropping effects.“ Rolando Santos, The Linking Ring
"A fantastic achievement. Bears the Hartling stamp!“ Jared Kopf, Magic Magazine
"What are you waiting for? Buy this book!“ John Lovick, Genii Magazine

Hardback. 252 pages.


Customer reviews for In Order To Amaze



I bought the book directly from Pit (it came signed by him) and the only bad part of this book, was the waiting for it to arrive. Damn it took a long time, but I read it in 2 days and there is pure gold in its pages.
If you like mem deck magic, get it ASAP.
There's not much to say about it, just get it.



Wow Pit Hartling is my absolute favorite, I didn't even look at the reviews or what other people are saying....I just got it!!!! He is that good..Anything he puts MUST be extraordinary and diabolically clever. After learning most of the effects from Card Fictions and Little green lecture notes I know what to expect from Pit Hartling. I hate to read books as I prefer Dvd's/downloads BUT this is absolutely not the case with Pit Hartling's books. I literally enjoying reading his books its a pleasure and the footnotes are extraordinarily helpful. I believe one must be intermediate or expert card magician to really "present these beautiful effects to look like real miracles". The effects are not difficult but somebody buying this material, according to me should put in the practice and lay stress on the "presentation"! If that achieved, there is absolutely nothing better than this. I just Love Pit Hartling. Enough Said, BUY this book!!!!



Got this book from Pit when he released it. There is a lot of amazing memorized deck work in this book. Have found 2 effects I can use for me.
The tricks don't focus on psychological work with a memo deck, but rather self working card tricks, IF everything is arraned in perfect order.
But getting to this order is the hard part. A book to study!



I got my copy from Pit when it was first released.

After reading it just the first time I swapped two of my existing memorized deck routines with the new tricks.

If you do any memorized deck work then you will love the material in the book.

If you don't do any memorized deck magic then this book will make you fall in love with memorized deck magic.


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  • Jason asks: Hi, do all of the tricks in this book use a memorized deck or are there some that do not? If there are some that do not, how many are there?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: All of the tricks use a memorized deck.
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