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Book by Benjamin Earl
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Inside Out

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Book by Benjamin Earl (79.95)

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Inside Out - magic
Inside Out Inside Out Inside Out Inside Out

Ben Earl's Inside Out is a deeply personal book filled with radical new approaches for creating powerful magic. It will alter your thinking, challenge your assumptions and offer a whole new meaning to the concept of audience involvement.

Using stories and beautiful imagery, Inside Out offers a different type of reading experience for a different type of magic.

In total, there are 16 effects and techniques taught including an impromptu invisible deck routine, torn & restored card effect, a brilliant approach to the classic cross-cut Force and so much more. Of course, each one is bursting with those classic Ben Earl touches and subtleties that help take effects to new heights.


"Let's Play Triumph"

A completely re-imagined handling of Triumph that takes the approach of a "game" instead of just a "trick".

"Probably Impossible"

A sandwich effect using genuine randomness and clever misdirection to create a perfect 'in the hands' miracle.

"Mr Invisible"

An impromptu handling of the Invisible Deck that not only looks impossibly clean, but will recalibrate your understanding of this classic effect.

"The Secret"

After seeing an amazing piece of magic, the spectator has the chance to find out how it is done... but their decision will radically alter their experience and their understanding of 'secrets'.

"Lucky Deal"

An impossible demonstration of skill and control which is done entirely by the spectator!

"Restoring The Past"

A Torn & Restored card effect which also restores a moment in time.

"The Unreal Transposition"

An amazing transposition that is entirely psychological and literally takes place in the mind of a spectator.

"Hidden Ambition"

This might be one of the most subtle and beautiful handlings of the Ambitious Card. It is so simple and clean, that it appears to be something else entirely.

"The Vanishing"

Possibly the most amazing coin vanish you will ever perform. This is not a move, but a profound, interactive effect designed to live forever in the mind of the spectator.


A transformation which takes place in a different realm.

"Why Me?"

A baffling prediction of any freely named card.

"A Universal Presentation"

A devious piece of presentational psychology specifically designed to add conceptual depth and nuance to any effect.

"The Gift"

An effect designed to be performed for one person on a special occasion. But to make it more special, they decide what effect is created... and if it ever finishes.

"Conjuring With Wonder"

An effect designed to take place once the performance is over; one which cannot be known by the performer!

"New Theory: Cross-Cut Force"

Ben's approach to this wonderful move is explained in detail with many additional ploys, touches and handlings.

"New Theory: French Drop"

Ben's approach to this classic coin magic sleight elevates it to new levels of deceptiveness.


Customer reviews for Inside Out

VI Monthly


This book is a must for anyone interested in mastering the form of card magic. For that matter, I recommend Less is More and The Shift 1, 2, and 3, all by Ben Earl.

This book is not just a collection of perfectly designed tricks. It’s a treatise on the subtleties of performing card magic that will blow your audiences brain.

If you are serious about card magic and care to take it a step further, I highly recommend Ben’s training platform known as the Family. They are the ideal complement to his published work.


Mohammad Zubair

Amazing book .. a pleasure to read. One of the best purchases I made this season. Beautifully organised and published. Clear and crisp photographs and instructions.

The colour, design and the abstract act enhances the reading experience. The photographs are beautiful and instructions are detailed and very easy to understand. Nothing is out of bounds for an intermediate card performer.


Mr P

I love the premise of this book. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Ben takes a fresh approach to teaching. He contextualises the tricks by weaving his practical explanations of method into a wider narrative—describing an evening BBQ with friends, for example, and what preceded the effect, how it was introduced, and how he adapted his style to that specific situation. It’s very compelling.

Ben is demonstrating how to look at magic as more than “performing a trick”. He is sharing a way of performing that is tuned to the environment, mood, emotion, etc. of the people you’re with. Those people—your audience—are co-creators in the magical moment. And it’s the group’s shared emotional investment that will create these deeply moving and memorable experiences.

It compliments the Vanishing MasterClass from Luke Jermay. If you enjoyed that, then you’d definitely get a lot from Ben’s writing here.



I bought this with my Christmas money as I'd been wanting it since it came out. I was not disappointed.
Mr Earl's thinking on giving spectators/audiences/participants a feeling that they just watched magic in performance, rather than a trick, is fantastic and even if you don't do any of the effects in the book, you'll find yourself rethinking the effects you already perform.
Most of the routines in the book left me amazed at how cleverly thought through they were. I especially enjoyed, Triumph as a Game, Lucky Deal and The Gift. The extra touches of psychology and suggestion really enhance the effect. But there were a few (The Secret, The Vanishing) that left me feeling like Mr Earl was just taking the piss. But thinking about those effects from the POV of a spectator, I can see how they might work. A committed performance is the key, but I still think The Secret is a very po-faced creation. Not sure I could convince myself of it, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure others will love it and get a lot of great reactions.
The final two chapters on the Cross Cut and the French Drop did not disappoint either. Some very clever thinking there. I love both these slights/moves and feel they're criminally underrated. Now I just love them even more.
I gave the book 4 stars for 2 main reasons.
1. ÂŁ60 is a lot and it feels a little too expensive if I'm honest. You won't regret paying that much, but you will wish it had been a little cheaper.
2. It's slightly bigger than Less is More and makes the Ben Earl section of my magic shelf look wonky and I will never forgive Mr Earl for that. NEVER!
OK. Love you. Bye.


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  • Richard asks: How many pages long is this book?

    • 1. Henri answers: 134 pages :D
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  • Tony asks: Is it all incredibly difficult to do?

    • 1. Robert answers: "Royal Road Of Bobos," Ha, Ha, Ha. I got a good laugh over the typo for Or.
    • 2. Henri answers: Contrary to some of Ben's earliest work (past midnight etc) all of the tricks are relatively easy to execute. The attention to detail in this book mainly comes from the additional thinking Ben has applied to the routines rather than needlessly complex sleight of hand. To put it simply, sleight wise there is nothing you won't find in Royal road of Bobos.
    • 3. Neal answers: Yup! That’s a good chuckle.??
    • 4. Neal answers: Yup! That’s a good chuckle!
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