Seventh Heaven (2nd Edition Hardcover)

Book by Lewis Jones
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Seventh Heaven (2nd Edition Hardcover)

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Book by Lewis Jones (55.00)

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"Do not buy these books. They give away too many secrets." Penn and Teller

An updated and edited compilation of seven of Lewis Jones' most popular softback booklets in one gorgeous hardcover second edition book.

  • Imp Romp 2
  • The Spring of 52
  • Lusions
  • Champagne
  • Con Sessions
  • Counter Feats
  • Cardiogram

More than 100 effects are included in this massive 400+ page book. While there is a ton of amazing card magic, you'll also enjoy close up magic tricks with coins, bills, business cards, books and magazines, watches, handkerchiefs, phones, a paper and pencil and much more.

Some effects have been shortened and tightened up. In some cases, Lewis figured out better or simpler ways of achieving the same effect, or integrate ingenious improvements suggested by his talented friends. In fact, all the items in this impressive magic book have benefited from second thoughts.

"Among authors of card magic, Lewis is easily in my top ten. His approach is off the wall and his results are out of this world." Steve Beam

"Lewis Jones is one of my secret weapons. His methods are offbeat and inspirational. Every reread leads me to new insights and revelations." Raj Madhok

"I highly recommend the Lewis Jones set of card books ... I know that most magicians will go through life performing the same six or seven tricks ... Me too, but I have added several to my permanent performance range, thanks to Lewis." Paul Daniels

"Lewis Jones is one of the great creative minds in magic. He specializes in close-up card magic with an ungaffed deck, placing the emphasis on ingenuity rather than sleights ... Lewis has a remarkable mind, which, allied to a profound knowledge of existing card methodology, comes up with alarmingly baffling plots and equally deceptive methods." Ian Rowland

"Back in 2001, I was sharply chastised for mentioning Lewis Jones, then a little-known British card genius whose manuscripts were closely guarded by those fortunate to have acquired them ... For those unfamiliar with Lewis Jones, he is an original of the stripe of Jerry Andrus, Simon Aronson, and Lennart Green. In Jones' case, his originality lies in a depth of thinking that leads to why-didn't-I-think-of-that sleights or to devilishly clever mathematical (often self-working) mysteries. Jones' trick descriptions will tantalize you. They read like dealer ads, yet, unlike many dealer ads, they deliver on their promises." Steve Bryant

Hardcover | 414 Pages | Second Edition


Customer reviews for Seventh Heaven (2nd Edition Hardcover)



This is a truly excellent book, containing a variety of well thought out material. Often, not utilising "the usual" methods or plots. Mr Jones provides a range of effects - ranging from "quick & simple" to multiphase, multi participant ones.
An enjoyable book to simply sit and read, as his manner of writing is easy to digest. As well as a book to STUDY and LEARN from!
There is a large section on moves/sleights - again, not the "usual" ones.

These days, when you consider how much ONE effect can cost you ... purchasing this book is a simple decision (just buy it!) It contains many effects and food for your (magical) thoughts.



I bought this book out or curiosity , it's good , really good. I have heard of his name before, but I am just surprised how good his material is. it's like I just discovered a new author, and I want to know as much as possible, the great thing is this book is the best of his material, it has been publish before in smaller individual book/lets, now I am glad they re-published and combined them all together in this book. if you like card magic, there some new gems in here that I want to add to my repertoire.

buy it - I know you will like it, I do.



The production values in the book is so so, nothing like the VI published books. I enjoyed reading the book and there are some interesting plots and does not go down the well beaten path. Some clever ideas in here and also some novel plots. Explanations are pretty good.


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  • Doug asks: What is the difference between the second edition and the original hardcover released in 2004? This is important as I have the original 2004 hardcover.

    • 1. Jim answers: None that I am aware of.
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