The Show Is The Mother Of Invention

Book by Doc Dixon
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The secrets to creating a full theater or parlor show that fits into a carry-on bag.
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The Show Is The Mother Of Invention

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Book by Doc Dixon (39.95)

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Every magician dreams of creating a show that is small enough to pack into a single bag while also playing big enough to cater to audiences of 10 to 1,000. Yet, few know how to do it. The Show is the Mother Of Invention by Doc Dixon offers real-world advice on packing small, playing big, and living large, from a world-class magician that has been doing it for decades.

“When an experienced road warrior like Doc Dixon speaks, I listen. This book has so much incredible information about every aspect of performing. Not just how to pack and what to perform, but about how you present and perform more effectively. I have been a performing magician for over sixty years and I learned so much that I will be applying to my own performances. This could well be the most important, life-changing book you will read. It should be required reading for every magician planning to perform in the real world. Seriously, this is a tremendous book that made me think…a lot. This is pure gold!” Marc DeSouza

The Show is the Mother of Invention features 40 chapters across 100+ pages. You don’t need to be a mathematician to realize that means there is no fluff or frill here. Instead, Doc Dixon offers streamlined, real-world, easily-digestible advice honed over twenty years of professional pefromances. Get ready to discover the secret to creating a complete 60, 90, or even 120-minute theater show that fits in a carry-on bag.

The pack small, play big lifestyle is much more than just trick selection. You’ll learn how to magnify your overall performance and formulate your show to play equally strong for everyone from the front to the back.

Stop lugging around unnecessary props and cases. Give your aching back a break and grab The Show is the Mother of Invention by Doc Dixon today!

Topics covered include:

  • Audience-Proven Pack Small/Play Big Routines
  • Decide Why You Want To Do This
  • Choosing The Right Case
  • What To Pack In It
  • Your Biggest Prop
  • The Biggest Prop At The Venue
  • How To Magnify Your One-Case Show
  • How To Fortify Your One-Case Show
  • Resources For Your One-Case Show
  • How to Present a Better Overall Show

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the many benefits of having a carry-on show

  • Fewer props and a more mobile show allows you to fit in nearly any venue
  • No need to wait for checked bags at the airport or, even worse, worry about losing checked bags
  • Stairs and lengthy airport terminals are no longer your enemy (if this doesn’t worry you yet, just wait until the first digit of your age is a 3 or higher)
  • No unnecessary bulky accessories like a 40lb magician’s table required
  • It’s easy to keep an emergency show in your car
  • Less props = more you, and a better overall show


Your book also comes with a special resources section that contains a link to an insightful and entertaining chat between Doc Dixon and Michael Misko—a super-talented cruise magician and steadfast devotee of the pack small & play big life. More than an hour of invaluable advice from two true road warriors at no extra cost!

“… the book — so good! (and well-timed as my beloved show bag bit the dust in the middle of a cruise and I’m in the process of searching for the next one and so a good time to step back and really think through how to make it my own and get it to fit my show)…also, Chicago Closer is phenomenal!“ -Nathan Coe Marsh

“Love the book! Both routines are super solid, too!!” Tim Hannig

“Hi Doc I loved your book and I loved it so much that I’m putting a new show together for carry on! Both Adult and children’s show. I’ve been carrying a Lafler table around for years and it’s starting to get too heavy lol … thanks !!” Brent Smith

“I’m reading the Chicago Closer now and giggling at it. It’s SO GOOD!” Bill Cook

“The book is amazing, man. Everyone needs to read it. I honestly think it would shave off a lot of years of learning for a new act.” Matt Disero

“If you heard a weird sound this morning, that was me applauding after finishing your book. Scholarly works are nice, but it doesn’t replace the veteran who spit wisdom to the lesser experienced hanging out at a magic shop or elsewhere; it is sorely needed like your book did, and it was a breath of fresh air. Great job again.“ Al Hastings

“Doc Dixon released a new book on packing small and playing big. I drove 4 hours to see his pack in a carry on, 90-minute show for 400 adults. He killed. This book is a gift to workers …my Mom was a librarian. I respect books and hold them holy from years of familial osmosis. But your book has sooo many gems that I couldn’t help dog-earing pages for future reference. The problem is there are now fewer read pages without dog ears than with!” -Alyx Hilshey

The Show is the Mother of Invention by Doc Dixon is available at Vanishing Inc. as part of a special partnership. Limited copies are available. Get yours today!

Softback | 108 Pages | 40 Chapters


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