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Book by Mike Powers (55.00)

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Mike Powers's long-awaited new book, TESSERACT, is now out! TESSERACT follows on the heels of Mike's last book, Power Plays, which was voted "Book of the Year" on the Magic Café and runner up "Book of the Year" in the prestigious "Magic Industry Awards." You may know Mike from his top-selling trick, Diminishing Returns - one of the great visual magic effects. It was recently featured on Masters of Illusion.

TESSERACT is a large format (8.5x11"), hardback book with a full color dustjacket. Inside are 55 gems of mostly close-up magic, although some items are suitable for a larger audience. Mike's teaching abilities have been honed over the last 40 years as both a professor of physics and a working magician. The book is graced with over 330 photos for ease of understanding. Furthermore, Mike provides free online access to video instruction on the moves needed to accomplish the magic.

There's plenty of great card magic in TESSERACT. But you'll also find mind-blowing tricks using coins, paper money, rubber bands and rings, envelopes, a business card and an iPhone. There are a couple of mentalism items and one killer memorized-deck effect that's stack independent and maintains stack order. And the "Pure Mathematics" section contains some self-workers that will fry magicians and lay persons alike.

The last trick in the book, Heisting Histed Heisted 3.0, is Mike's latest version of his wildly popular Heisting Histed Heisted series. It was a huge hit in his Penguin lecture. This is as close to real mindreading as you're going to get.

So, enter the world of TESSERACT. Beef up your repertoire. Share the magic.


Customer reviews for TESSERACT



This book is a true gem packed with useable material for all skill levels and styles. Even the routines which I will likely not use still contain ideas, touches and moves worth noting and practicing. Highest recommendations .



I picked up this book a few weeks ago blindly from a recommendation of a well-trusted friend. Prior to this, I am unfamiliar with Mike Powers' material so I dug through this book with a neutral mindset.

First, I noticed how practical most tricks are. The fore few tricks of the book are completely impromptu and it hits hard. The plot for those tricks are classic and you can never go wrong with a classic.

Second, the sleights Mike utilized in every trick is vastly deceptive and yet extremely practical. Moreover, while reading the table of contents, the sleights are listed with the trick tittle so you know the prerequisite techniques to do the trick. I love this! More books should utilize this system.

Third, the online library of "moves" is extremely helpful. As the saying goes, "a picture worth a thousand words." this is indeed true to the essence of that phrase in the application of conjuring. Mike provides all moves in the video so YOU can expedite your learning. That is priceless.

All in all, everyone should pick up this book. The Tessaract will be a very good read for everyone wheater you are a professional or an amateur, there is something for everyone. Most importantly is that it inspire you to perform.

Magically Yours
Tricky Devil

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It would be erroneous for me to say that there is something for everyone in Mike Powers’ new book, Tesseract – Magic: The Hidden Dimension. It would be much more proper to say that there are some things for everyone. This book is packed with material for the card lover, the coin lover, the ring and rubber band enthusiast, the mentalist, the mathematician and the science aficionado. (Huh?! Trust me. It’ll make sense when you get your copy.)

There’s sleight of hand, there’s knuckle-busting sleight of hand, and there’s self-working. There are almost three hundred pages, of dare I say it, powerful magic. Heck, Mike even tosses in a couple of bonus effects from friends who have contributed to the project.

A couple of my personal favorites are Ring Bandit - I have performed Bill Kalush’s Rubber Ringer for years, but I have to tell you that Mike’s link is pure magic. It’ll fool you. Moe Fun, Flipped Out, Lying Traveler, and of course, Heisting Histed Heisted 3.0. also make my list, but there’s so much more!

This is a beautiful, large format book, sewn to lay flat so that you can study without propping pages open with your elbow, or with a deck of cards. The paper is thick and glossy, and the photographs clear and plentiful. Mike is a wonderful teacher, as you would expect from a physics professor, and his explanations and instructions are easy to understand and follow. For anyone unfamiliar with some of the moves required to properly perform some of the effects, Mike provides a link to his site, and a password, where students can access video explanations of basic sleights and moves.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was honored to help edit several of the tricks in the book, and received a free copy of the finished project. This should in no way diminish my positive assessment of the book. In fact, having insight into the labor, love, and time that Mike put into this project, might even provide my review with some additional weight. Or not. Bottom line: You will not be disappointed with this book. In fact, you will feel that you have received more than your money’s worth.


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