The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown

By Andi Gladwin and Edward G. Brown
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The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown

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Book or download by Andi Gladwin and Edward G. Brown (Book $60.00 or download for $45.00)

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The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown - magic
The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown

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“Definitely the finest sleight of hand magician in the country.” Dai Vernon

Edward G. Brown was known as one of the finest sleight-of-hand artists of all time, yet his presence is all but forgotten, almost certainly due to the scarcity of his astounding book, The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown.

Working with The Magic Circle, Andi Gladwin has reproduced this rare book, and combined it with a thorough analysis of Brown's life work in a separate "study guide."

Brown’s book is a view to card magic of a different era. The book contains an equal mixture of parlor and close-up card magic: some easy, and some difficult. Brown was one of the earliest proponents of “naturalness” and “uniformity of action” and much of the material is as relevant and interesting today as it ever was. Amongst the many treasures created by Brown, you’ll learn the trick that Andi Gladwin believes is one of the best-constructed card tricks of all time; the transposition of a genuinely freely thought-of card from one spectator to another. As you read each trick, you can use Andi’s study guide to learn more details about the method On occasion, you’ll even learn extra handlings (including a previously-unpublished Dai Vernon effect).

Books like this come along all too rarely; a sought-after text, analyzed by an expert in that area. If you appreciate fine card magic, this two-book set deserves a place on your shelf. Within just a few minutes of reading, you’ll understand why some of magic’s finest give it their highest recommendations:

“Vanishing, Inc.’s gorgeous new edition of the excellent and previously highly sought (read “expensive”) classic Card Magic of Edward G. Brown is special in every respect. The card magic in this book is still very worth your study. Brown was a remarkable mind whose thinking was respected by Dai Vernon and many others. This reincarnation is beautifully done in all respects, and Andi Gladwin’s accompanying notes give new and welcome insight into the material. I can’t think of a single reason not to recommend this work most highly.” Stephen Minch
“When I first began to study card magic seriously, Bob White taught me his handlings of two effects by E. G. Brown: “The Twelve Card Thought Transition” and “The Spelling Trick.” Versions of these two excellent performance pieces remain in my repertoire to this day. Now, thanks to Vanishing Inc., Brown’s material is available to another generation of students. Their reprint of The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown is not merely a collector’s piece that will great look on the bookshelf; more importantly, Andi Gladwin’s insightful notes make it an example of the kind of scholarly work our magical literature deserves.” Jared Kopf
“A beautifully produced tribute to Edward G. Brown classic text. Andi has does a wonderful job bringing it back to life.” Scott Penrose, President of The Magic Circle
“What a fantastic book about the life of Edward G. Brown. Not only do you get insights into his life, but also you’ll get his take on classic card tricks. This book contains some extremely clever ideas and the thinking and theory behind those ideas. And, it’s a beautifully written and designed. Highly recommended.” Jason Ladanye
“Andi has done the magic world a huge favour by reprinting The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown. It is an excellent look into the magic of an underground expert lost in time. Vanishing Inc. has really outdone themselves with the production quality of this beautiful book. I wish I had known about Edward's magic earlier, because the tricks in here are thought provoking and inspiring.” Harapan Ong
“The brilliant British magician Edward G. Brown has been unjustly forgotten twice. After his death in 1947, attention to his work lapsed. Then, when Trevor C. Hall published The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown in 1973, it stirred up renewed interest—which quickly faded. Now, Andi Gladwin has republished that book, accompanied by a useful new ‘study guide’ that will help the reader understand just how damned good this material was and still is.” Max Maven
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Customer reviews for The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown

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What am amazing book!!

I ordered this having no idea who Edward Brown was, after reading this book I believe he was an amazing magician.

This book includes so many tricks which can be used today, however they can be hard to learn due to the wording in the books, this brings me into Andys Notes.

Andys notes make the book what it is without these I would of really struggled to learn anything, he covers everything in complete details make it so much easier to understand

The book comes in a beautiful case to protect it also.

One of the best magic books I have purchased



This was a fascinating review of Edward G. Brown. Very cool that his work has been given new life with the release of the new book. Thanks, Andi!!



fascinating magic history about one of its unsung heros



The tricks described are a bit hard to read if English isn't your native tongue, at least compared to the introduction, however the material is very solid and strong card magic.


Community questions about The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown

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  • Jason asks: How many pages is it? It looks a bit thin. Black and white photos or color? The quality looks very nice.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 220 in total, with black and white photos.
  • Larraine asks: Does this come as a two book set (book plus study guide?)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That's correct. You get both books and the deluxe box.
    • 2. Jason answers: Based on the video, it looks like it is the book plus study guide within a nice presentation box.
  • Kevin asks: Is the book mostly on theory and routines? Or is there instruction on original sleight of hand techniques?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The book is roughly two thirds original magic, and one-third theory.
  • Steven asks: I assume not for a beginner or someone who has not done a lot of card magic?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This one is probably best for people who have worked on card magic for a little while.
  • Spencer asks: Is this well suited for walk around or will you need a table for most of these?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Several effects would be perfect for walkaround. Others need a table.
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