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Book by Ryan Schlutz (From $75.00)

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Unanchored - magic
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Unanchored is a compilation of Ryan Schlutz's best routine and tricks from prior to the start of his popular False Anchors brand.

A standard version and collectors' edition of Unanchored are available. There is also an accompanying deck of playing cards available. "Unanchored Playing Cards" are the perfect companion for the book and are available separately or as part of the Collector's Edition Unanchored

This beautiful hardback book has more than 250 pages and 250 images. There is a trick (or ten) in here for every magician's repertoire. While it's largely close up card magic, there are even some parlor magic routines and accompanying performance videos.

The final section of the book, "Arsenal", covers necessary utility moves and other thoughts from Ryan about properly preparing for working gigs. This is practical material for all magicians.

Unanchored: Collector's Edition Details

  • Limited to 250 sets (signed & numbered)
  • Special blue-painted edges
  • 1x "Unanchored Playing Cards" in special edition Clove St. tuck
  • 1x "Gilded Unanchored Playing Cards"
  • Special collector's box with magnetic closure for securing book and decks
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Customer reviews for Unanchored



This was a great book and i am happy i bought it. it fits perfectly with the the unanchored deck and is pretty affordable. I would like to thank ryan shultz for creating it. It would be great if more of these books would come out as they are great for magicians withthe mind blowing tricks.



This book is magnificent. Printed on glossy paper, with clear, concise text and beautiful colour photographs to help you understand the tricks, it's a beautiful piece that will find a place of honour in your magic library. It follows on from, and complements, the book False Anchors, by the same author. The "Close-up" and "Group" parts seem to me to be the best in the book. With a special mention for "Decon 2", "Suffles therapy", "Degrees of Freedom", "ES Location", "Sense Sational" and "Untouchables". Those who know Ryan Schlutz won't be surprised: the routines are effective, ingenious, well thought-out and easy to do (few hand movements). Highly recommended.


Mohammad Zubair

I bought the standard edition of the book, and this is one of the best-produced books I have on my shelf. The paper quality, print quality, picture quality, everything is top-notch. The print and production would give you a feel of "Boy Who Cried Magic".

The tricks are amazing and the explanation is quite comprehensive. You won't go wrong with this. This is worth every penny and value for money.



I’m absolutely delighted with this item, I collect decks and I’m also a magic book enthusiast so I sprung for the deluxe edition.... SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! Ryan is not only a talented magician, he also works his magic with a camera lens and both are on display in this book. The version I picked up has blue edged pages which really adds to the deluxe feel of the book. I have Ryan’s False Anchors book and this completes the set for me. I highly recommend… and I urge you to check the hidden gem QR code on the last page of book ??????????



Amazing, what a book. So clear and amazing, beautiful pictures and it's written in a perfect way.
If you're looking for a perfect book, buy this one.
Many book are standing in my magic room, but this book will not stand there, but will be for a very long time in my working desk.



I purchased the limited edition set.
First of all, the book is beautifully printed as are the decks.
The packaging/box is also excellent.
I disagree with Ryan that reading the author’s introduction is something you want to ignore and get into the meat of the book.
Expensive, but worth the investment.
Very happy to have this set in my collection.
I do recommend.



I ordered the collector's edition, which is a beautiful box and book. But I was disappointed when it was shipped to me with only 2 regular Unanchored playing card decks. There was no 1x "Unanchored Playing Cards" in special edition Clove St. tuck or 1x "Gilded Unanchored Playing Cards". It even had the card with the edition number on it of the 250 made. I tried to resolve this with Vanishing and the manufacturer. Vanishing Inc was helpful but the manufacturer said it was a mistake and only sent another deck of regular Unanchored cards. Normally, I would have given this five stars. It remains on my bookshelf but serves mostly as a reminder of the decks that COULD have been delivered with it. Vanishing Inc. gave me a refund for the portion of the collector's edition that I did not receive.


Community questions about Unanchored

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  • oliver asks: Does the non-collectors edition come with cards?

    • 1. Ryan Schlutz (creator) responds: Hello! Non collectors edition does not come with cards but they are available separately.
  • Alex asks: The video says that the Unanchored deck has some specially printed cards for routines in the book, does that mean that there are some routines that we won't be able to do without the Unanchored deck? (Or card splitting)

    • 1. Ryan Schlutz (creator) responds: Gaffs included are fairly common or easy to make and are only a couple of effects. One gaff is a double facer which is common and other is a double face card with a palm on the front of it. Nice to have printed card but could easily glue a picture on an extra card. Last gaff included is printed pencil dot on a duplicate 7 of hearts which is easy to make yourself but having it printed is nice to have.
  • Robin asks: To what extent does the content overlap with Mr. Schlutz's previously published collections (Making the Cut, Completing the Cut, Super Strong Super Simple, etc.)?

    • 1. Ryan Schlutz (creator) responds: I took the best of all my releases, excluding False Anchors, and combined them into book form. I always preferred a book over digital and so this collection was born. Tricks were reworked with new knowledge and insight.
  • Rick asks: Which and how many effects are duplicated from Ryan’s previous material?

    • 1. Ryan Schlutz (creator) responds: I took the best of all my releases, excluding False Anchors, and combined them into book form. I always preferred a book over digital and so this collection was born. Tricks were reworked with new knowledge and insight.
  • Chris asks: Does this book have a sewn binding?

    • 1. Chris answers: I used a bright light and can answer my own question. Yes, this book has a sewn binding. Very high quality production here. book is smallish, but very "dense" with nice glossy pages. Beautiful book overall.
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  • Ed asks: What would the skill level of this book be?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Intermediate to advanced
  • Suman asks: Is the standard book hard bound?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
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