Wonderful Routines of Magic

Book by Ellison Poland
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Wonderful Routines of Magic

44.95 usd

Book by Ellison Poland (44.95)

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This fine book of assorted magic has been out of print for years. Finally reprinted as a hardbound book with dust jacket, it is again available to delight today's magicians who do not have their copy.

Emphasizes coins, cards, and other close up magic, but also has some important club or stage effects.

Wonderful Routines of Magic is an overlooked gem in magic publications. The late Ellison Poland published the first edition in 1969. A number of contributors, including the author, offer a wide variety of magic effects for stage and close-up. There are seven effects offered by North Carolina's own Bill Spooner including the Deceptive Roll Cut. Milliken's Transposition is worth the price of the book. It is a double transportation with two halves and two quarters. Ellison Poland was a technical writer for Westinghouse and knew the art of writing magic instructions. He was also a great illustrator. The 251- page book is well illustrated with numerous line drawings. There is also a section on Decorating and Finishing Magical Apparatus. The table of contents has 55 entries. Wonderful Routines Of Magic concludes with an annotated bibliography. The book has an attractive dust jacket. The hard binding is black with gold lettering. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the content or of the bookbinding. A great buy!

Contents include:

  • 5-6 Table of Contents
  • 9 Dedication
  • 11 Preface by Ellison Poland
  • 13 Our Philosophy of Magic
  • 15 How to Use this Book
  • 19 A Ball and Silk Routine
  • 33 Spooner's Switch
  • 39 Spooner's Color
  • 45 Spooner's Ambitious Card Move
  • 51 Spooner's Specialty Force
  • 55 Spooner's Swift Switch
  • 57 A False Shuffle for Giant Cards
  • 59 Modern Variation of the Charlier False Shuffle
  • 63 My Overhand False Shuffle
  • 67 Variation of the Benson One Hand Shuffle
  • 69 Simplicity Four Ace Trick
  • 71 Nu-Hold Hindu Shuffle
  • 73 Wallace Lee's Contribution
  • 75 More About Seconds
  • 81 Double Lift from the Center
  • 83 Card Fans
  • 99 A Card Fanning Routine
  • 111 Productions of Single Cards
  • 117 No-Turn-Over Okito Steal No. 1
  • 121 No-Turn-Over Okito Steal No. 2
  • 123 Okito Box Innovations
  • 127 Okito Box Turn-Over Moves
  • 131 Bill's Bit of Business With the Down's Palm
  • 133 The Wrist Breaker
  • 137 The Barefoot Shuffle-Pass-Count (BSPC)
  • 139 Mishel Thumb Palm
  • 141 A Coin Flourish
  • 143 Milliken's Transposition
  • 147 Black's Invisible Flight of Silver
  • 153 Through the Needle's Eye
  • 157 Black's Aerial Treasury
  • 161 Kearns' Recoil
  • 163 Black's Bowl Routine
  • 169 Black's Magnetic Cup Routine
  • 177 Black's Salt Trick
  • 183 A New Dress for Chink-A-Chink
  • 187 Cup and Ball Moves
  • 193 Allen's Missing Link
  • 195 Bill In the Barrels
  • 201 Secrets of Senor Carlos M. Mora, H
  • 205 Eenie, Meenie, Miney, -- No Moe
  • 207 Dime Store Magic
  • 213 Pseudo ESPology
  • 217 The Hang-Wan Rising Cards
  • 221 Cash's Ball Dropper
  • 223 Gold Fish Bowl Production
  • 229 The Jewels Of Jhaumaphur
  • 239 Decorating and Finishing Magic Apparatus
  • 243 A Note to End On
  • 245 Annotated Bibliography

251 pages | Hardcover (w. Dust Jacket) | 6in x 9in

Copies are from the second printing of the first edition


Customer reviews for Wonderful Routines of Magic



I am really enjoying this book. Not all of the effects are complete routines even though there a lot of complete routines but I am enjoying some of the bits of business and some take on certain moves like the ambitious card move and other sleights. The work on Okito is interesting and there are a few novel concepts and routines. This is a much older type of production value to the more modern books but I love these old books. If you don't have many books there are most probably more modern versions you could pick up but there are some real gems in the older books. The book is well written and the illustrations sufficient.


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