Magic download (video) by Tony Chang
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Magic download (video) by Tony Chang ($10.00)

Simply put, one of the most breathtaking, unique and commercial color changes we've ever seen. Floating on the underground for years, Vanishing Inc has the exclusive on this revolutionary sleight, along with three trick applications.

Running time: 17 minutes, 23 seconds.


Customer reviews for ChangE

Keith Breen

Beautiful change that will (& should) be in anybody's toolchest. That is if one takes their card magic and (close-up) seriously. Watching it speaks for itself...

I can't say it's crazy easy, it will require practice for most. A little more for some, yet possibly a lot for ones with just the most basic of skill-sets. Yet others will pick it right up depending on how familiar you are with the moves involved to make the change.

The effects included (the "subtle" ideas also!!!) to my mind are really great, I consider them excellent.

This isn't just a 'one trick wonder'. Tony Chang has done one nice job and his teaching is just right...



Philippe Malot

That's my first download on this website and probably not the last.

I love Tony Chang's attitude. He's quite humorous and his teaching is clear and efficient.
I already had an idea about the move, because it's very similar to Aaron Fisher's Strike Change. However, I like the finesse added to this change (especially the spinning move) and it makes ChangE its own "personality". The purpose of this color change is to finish clearly with one face-up card on top of the deck and this is why you will want to use it. You don't finish totally clean, but Mr Chang gives you a method to clear that out.
However, the best thing about this download are the tricks. You often get one correct trick when you buy such kind of videos, in ChangE you are taught three incredibly cool tricks. (watch the preview !)

That was a great download !
I hope we'll get some other nice productions from Mr Chang.


Reuben Frederick Gear

My first purchase! Tony you've got me 'spinning!' Thanks for putting this out. I've been 'Changing' my routines by adding this method to them!.


Tom Hodgson


ChangE is amazing this particular change was kept underground for quite some time people started learning and and loving it. This change as you see is Visual and even better you are left with one card no doubles to flip over no wierd moves to play around with after you give the card straight to them.

A Double Change is included and it looks Fantastic it fooled me the first time i saw it and the same with other magicians that i have performed this to.

Multiple effects utilising the change are taught. The effects are alot of fun to play around with and im sure you will come up with your own add ons and ideas as to what to use it for.

Overall The quality of the video is Fantastic the teaching was awesome. Every little detail is explained in easy bite sized chunks.

Vanishing Inc is coming up with the top Dogs of the Magic Industry.

Pick This Up!!
You won't regret it.



Rich Piccone

Everytime i see Tony Perform this, it just blows you.. What a great ChangE Tony!!


michael yacktman

The change and the effects described are great. It definitely takes some practice to do smoothly, but it is attainable and can look great.

The only downside for me is the size of my hands. I didn't realize when I made the purchase of the download that I wouldn't be able to spin the card without it catching at the crotch of my thumb. While Tony addresses this simply in the download, my hands were STILL too small and I needed to further adjust by removing about 15 cards from the pack. Other than that though, the change is well taught and the effects are great. I just wish I would've known beforehand that I'd be restricted to less than a full pack of cards to make this work. Then again, my hands are abnormally small, so I probably should've thought about that first!


John Heinen

Cool, superb, beautiful, dazzling, elegant, marvelous, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. !


Matthew Pritchard

Nacky and hard but great!