Homing Card

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists

Homing Card

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Magic download (video) by Creative Artists ($4.95)

Homing Card is a modern take and amalgamation of both the cannibal and homing card principles, and is perfect for card magicians looking for a fresh, clean and technical demonstration of the plots.

From a deck of cards, the four kings are displayed and placed on the table. Next, three indifferent cards are removed from the deck, such as the nine of clubs, four of hearts and the four of diamonds, and tabled. One at a time, a selection is mixed with the four kings and each time the selection vanishes and reappears with the tabled selections. As a finale, all three selections are placed in with the kings, which are all tabled. With a magical gesture, all three selections visually appear out of nowhere beneath your hand.

The routine is well structure but please note that sleights are required that may only be suitable for those with a good working card technique.


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