The Answer

Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl ($10.00)

This outstanding, self-working card trick is as simple as it is amazing: a spectator shuffles an ordinary pack and then selects the PERFECT card to complete a Royal Flush.

As with all of Benjamin Earl's superlative work, the aesthetic is casual and, above all, believable. This effect feels less like a magic trick and more like an actual demonstration of an extraordinary, real moment.

"The Answer" is entirely self-working, and can be done with any borrowed pack of cards. In 30 detailed minutes, Ben takes you through the effect in great detail, supplying all the nuances that he has gleaned in over a decade evolving and performing "The Answer."

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Running time: approximately 30 minutes


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Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the effect or the absence of sleight, this is really powerful magic for a layperson. Ben goes through some interesting subtleties on the handling and on the design of the routine that makes it really strong.
No, you will never fool any magicians with this. But you may use it to perform some great magic.