Card Magic Masterclass - Forces

By Roberto Giobbi
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Card Magic Masterclass - Forces

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DVD or download by Roberto Giobbi (DVD $25.00 or download for $25.00)

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Card Magic Masterclass - Forces - magic
Card Magic Masterclass - Forces Card Magic Masterclass - Forces

Introducing THE best way to build a card magic foundation. Twenty years ago Roberto Giobbi, card magic's most distinguished author, wrote Card College, a series of books now considered THE Bibles on card magic. This DVD concentrates on forces and gives you an encyclopaedic look at one of the most useful branches of card magic.

You won't just learn all the wonderful and important sleights in card magic, you'll also learn the fine points, finesses, and subtleties of each one, so that you carry out the techniques the way connoisseurs do: with invisible precision.

We release a small amount of original content each year, but Card Magic Masterclass will be an enduring resource - a legacy, perhaps - to magicians for years to come. Thanks to Roberto Giobbi, magicians have an at-home academy to master ALL the important techniques in card magic. It's time to take your card magic seriously. It's time to start your Card Magic Masterclass.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes approximately


  • Criss-Cross Force Plus
  • The Kaps Force
  • Two-Card Force
  • Direct Cut Force
  • Packet Force
  • Riffle Force
  • Trojan Horse Force
  • Charlie Miller Table-Spread Force
  • Classic Laydown-Force
  • Toss Force
  • Ribbon Spread Force
  • Outs
  • Under the Hank Force
  • McMillen Knife Force
  • Credit Card Force
  • Classic Dribble Force
  • Vernon Scallop Short Force
  • Vernon Transfer Move ForceBossi's Milking the Force
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Customer reviews for Card Magic Masterclass - Forces


Laura Bautista

Roberto Giobbi is the perfect teacher. Whether you are just starting out in the world of magic or are already an advanced user, their masterclasses will help you learn and improve the technique and will provide you with ideas to apply in routines and shows. It is educational and entertaining, it repeats movements with different approaches and angles to ensure that it is being understood and it is also fun. What more could you ask for from a teacher?



This is your place to start when learning card forces. Lots of magicians I see learn a card force from YouTube and after many dilations, the subtleties and theory have been lost. Roberto is the fundamental pinnacle of technical card magic and thir bite sized tutorial has depth but quick enough to get to the points



Roberto Giobbi’s Card Magic Masterclass - Forces. This video is one hour 39 minutes long. ‘Masterclass’ is an accurate name for Giobbi’s outstanding teaching video. English is not his first language, but he speaks very fluently and clearly. Since this is a masterclass, Roberto does not waste your time but moves at a good pace. However, when necessary, he repeats sleight of hand demonstrations, taking the moves apart for clarity. Each force begins with a very brief performance to demonstrate how the force looks from the audience's perspective. That is very helpful in selecting a force for a routine.Giobbi emphasises the benefits of being able to select the most appropriate force for any particular setting or routine. Wanting to master a good number of options for forcing a card (or series of cards) is a very good reason for buying this video download. Giobbi sits at a table, but some forces do not require a table. He is well miked. There is a single camera angle throughout (the spectator's viewpoint) but Roberto turns his hands and body to demonstrate the handling of the cards where necessary.The video is peppered with expert insights into the psychology and scripting of card magic. Other types of card controls (such as false shuffles and cuts)are mentioned and used in the course of demonstrations but these are not taught in detail in this video since they are covered in Gibbi’s other videos in this series.There are thirteen main sections in this video. (My hand written notes on the lecture extend to sixteen sides of A4.)After a brief introduction in which Giobbi talks about the importance of selecting the right force for each situation, he begins with some non-technical forces and quickly moves on to some more technically advanced forces. However, none of the forces are especially difficult if you have even moderate experience with card magic. Some of the thirteen sections include several different forces within the same category. Roberto also teaches more than one handling for some of the forces. I estimate that there is a total of approximately 21 forces taught in this video. In addition, several ways of dealing with a situation in which, because when you are using a convincing but risky type of force, the spectator may occasionally pick a card other than the force card. There is also an actual trick taught called “Strange Harmony.” This demonstrates one way in which a particular force can be used very effectively.Throught the video, Roberto Giobbi acknowledges and references the work of other magicians including Professor Dai Vernon.Here is a list of the main forces or categories of force taught:Cross Cut PlusFred Kaps ForceTwo Card ForceCut Forces (three types)The Tojan Horse Force (plus the Trojan Deck Switch)Charlie Miller Table-Spread ForceClassic Lay Down ForceThe Toss ForceRibbon Spread Force (two methods)Outs - six ways of dealing with a spectator choosing the wrong card.Forces with props (handkerchief, knife, credit card)Dribbled Forces (Two standard dribble forces, using an Erdnase Break, Dai Vernon Transfer Move - two versions, one using a scalloped short card)Bossi’s Milking ForceI felt very privileged to receive ‘personal’ tuition from such a master. It was a pleasure to spend a couple of hours in the genial company of such a gentle, wise and knowledegable mentor. Although anyone watching this video will need to follow up with many more hours practice, I feel I am already a much better magician for having been taught by Roberto Giobbi. Highly recommended. Worth every penny (and more!)


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