Dan Hauss Live Lecture DVD

DVD by Dan Hauss
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Dan Hauss Live Lecture DVD

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DVD by Dan Hauss ($9.95)

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Dan Hauss Live Lecture DVD - magic

Dan Hauss has been a creative force to David Blaine and his creations have been loved and adored by magicians all over the world. Recently, Dan was featured on the new hit show, Wizard Wars on the SyFy network.

Join Dan as he presents to you a one of a kind lecture, featuring ALL NEW material.


Ding & Coin Routine
Visually make a coin and ring morph, change places, appear, and disappear. This is the kind of heavy hitting stuff that Dan is known for!

Animated Vanishing Deck
This is the vanishing deck on steroids! Place a card into the middle of the deck. Lightly riffle all of the cards and in the blink of an eye, the deck completely vanishes!

Crush a rock and mold it into a ring. Or, push your finger right through a rock. Karate Coin on crack!

Eating Cotton Balls
Learn a funny and cleaver way to pretend to eat cotton balls from a bag.

Sugar Block 
Dan's take on a classic! A borrowed coin goes into an empty sugar packet. The performer then pushes a small knife or toothpick right through the center of the coin.

Flow 2.0
Dan is going to be teaching a new way to perform his best-selling effect, FLOW. This has NEVER been taught before.

TnR Card
This is a very visual torn and restored card with all of the McGuyver-Haussiness mixed in.

Strike Change
Dan is going to be talking about David William's classic move, while adding his idea's and theory to the already great vanish. Dan will teach you how to VISUALLY change one coin to another in your open hand.

Redline 2.0 
Yet ANOTHER classic effect created by Dan with a whole new concept. This has a kicker ending that must be seen to be believed.

Portable Hole
Dan's take on one of his favorite tricks called The Acme Portable Hole. You draw a circle on a box of cards and see it move and come to life. Dan's handling will fry you and your spectators!

Backpalming Ideas
Dan will share his ideas on back-palming in close-up situations and will discuss different effect ideas that use a back-palm.

This is a jam session dedicated to some classic gimmicks that Dan has re-vamped and is used in Dan's show. Breathing new life into old gimmicks!


Customer reviews for Dan Hauss Live Lecture DVD



I really enjoyed this lecture! Dan is such a smart thinker!



This lecture even though it was a good lecture it was misleading some things that was supposed to be there weren't there like the vanishing deck routine or were only just touched upon which is so annoying because I like Dan as he is very creative with his magic so every thing that is advertised should be in the lecture sorry but thats my honest opinion.


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