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$10.00 Physical product out of stock. But download version is available!
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DVD or download by Christopher Rawlins ($10.00)

Physical product out of stock. But download version is available!
I.D.D. - magic

Chris Rawlins is one of our favorite creators, and he's back with an offbeat and amazing solution to the classic drawing duplication. As in the classic effect, someone is invited to walk away from the group and draw any shape or thing she likes. You are able to duplicate what she drew with uncanny accuracy.

What makes this cool and so very different from what has come before is that you are NOT glimpsing information and then re-drawing it. You are not FORCING the spectator to draw something predetermined. Nor do you rely on any kind of pre-show at all. Instead, you rely on something so basic but also so unsuspecting that we think this will fool you. It fooled us! What you see in the trailer is EXACTLY what it looks like in real life. Nothing has been doctored or left out.

The download or DVD (choose which when you add to checkout) teaches the entire routine, which is easy to perform and easy to make.

Running time: 20 minutes

Play video interview Christopher Rawlins creator interview
Watch our exclusive Vanishing Inc. interview to discuss I.D.D. right from the source!

Community questions about I.D.D.

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  • 1.

    Kelvin asks: Hello, Where does Christopher buy the card stock for this trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: He uses blank cards with a smooth finish. They could be any card stock, such as business cards or index cards.
    • 2. David answers: You can also use double blank playing cards to make the gimmick.
    • 3. Chris answers: I use Ryman's blank business card stock here in the UK. However I have also used Index cards, double blank playing cards and even a blank faced deck.. Hope that helps!
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  • 2.

    Danny asks: Can this be performed over Zoom? Thanks!

    • 1. Charles answers: Yes.
    • 2. David answers: Yes in Luke Germany came up with an idea so that you can transmit a thought to a person over the phone over zoom or any other way, I have a television special coming out and I'm definitely using this. This is a Derren Brown type trick!
    • 3. Chris answers: Yes indeed, AND the method is exactly the same in person as it is over FaceTime,Zoom, Skype etc.
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  • 3.

    tom asks: What happens when they don't draw what you are prepared for?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email magic@vanishingincmagic.com for this type of question.
    • 2. Chris answers: If that happens, it's okay. Mind Reading is not meant to be easy. However, you should consider preparing more, seeking connections or checking out XIDD where I share exclusive approaches that differ from IDD.
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  • 4.

    Cedric asks: Can this performed as a prediction?

    • 1. Tony answers: I don't think you can
    • 2. Chris answers: Yes. With no change to the method, but instead a simple change in the presentation.
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  • 5.

    Troy asks: I Purchased IDD and I am looking at the drawing selections. One of them is titled “Universal Image.” What is that supposed to be? Nowhere in the booklet does Christopher Rollins speak to this.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe Chris explains it at around the 12 minute mark in the download.
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Customer reviews for I.D.D.



Brilliant! $10!?!?!?!? Wow......
I don't know what to say other than this May be one of my favorite mentalism purchases EVER!! I can't wait to take this out!!!!



Had to right again. Hopefully this gets posted as well. Not sure what other folks don't like about this. I performed it 15 times today!! For three of them I deliberately showed a different yet very similar picture. The responses were just as powerful each time. It's mentalism, a direct hit all the time is a bit to perfect. I say perform this a few times, and write another review!



This is real world mentalism.Very practical and easy to perform and it is fun to do.I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wants an off beat piece of mentalism in their set.Yes you have to make it up but it is worth it.


Pranav Harish

Brilliant effect for $10. The method might seem a bit bold at first, but trust me, once you try it out, the reactions are great and it is almost always sure-fire.



I’m not sure the people above have watched the download fully. The chances of it failing are really, really slim if you do this right.

I really enjoy this!



i.d.d , this is very clever well worth the money ,however as yet i have not been able to buy the blank business cards that i need i will get them next week when i go to the big smoke. errol robinson



The secret is what I thought it was... but still clever...The supplies you need is; 2 markers, smooth cards that you can spread and the gimmick that you may have already or that vanishing inc sells. You will need to make this up, but once it’s done... you can have fun.



This is an excellent use of this concept that has soooo many more applications than the one shown. I will DEFINITELY use this, but not for a drawing duplication.

Christopher Taylor



As the performance in this clip shows, I.D.D. is potentially an astonishingly strong piece of intimate mentalism. The method will not suit everyone because it may involve more skulduggery and preparation than some may wish to invest. I mean that in terms of time and money. In order to do this, you may need to purchase another item available at VANISHING INC. for $15. So really, this is a $25 effect. Beginners and newbies wanting an immediate ready, set, go, out of the box explanation will be disappointed.The advanced performer however will see the strength of I.D.D. and enjoy the combination of principles they already know. Some may even see a way to save some of the prep time. In short, this is a wonderful performance piece for intermediate and advanced performers who may need to pay a total of $25. A small investment along with your prep time for a minor miracle. Remember, the effect is the thing! I'm rating this as only "good" because of my above concerns. It is potentially great!

If any purchaser wants to know the idea for shortening the prep time, ask the good folks at VANISHING INC. I'll be happy to share the old idea with them, and they will I'm sure be happy to share it with you or any direct purchasers.

Richard Busch



This is certainly not what I expected. The opportunity for a total fail is too high for me to feel comfortable using it. If I had paid more than $10 for this I would probably quit buying magic from Vanishing. This is the only product that I have been so disappointed with that I decided to write a review.



Not for me. Other more impressive ways to do this. Every idea is not a product. Sometimes just an idea. This is an idea.



Look on subjects face said it all.... “meh!?” Why put the card back in the pack?



I feel that the teaser video performance of IDD was rather misleading. The promotional video gave me much higher expectations than I'd expect now I understand how this works. The uncanny likeness he points out between the two drawn items made this appear to be something far cleverer than it actually is. In reality, you are almost never going to get such a close match (in many cases a "type match" i.e. a piece of fruit or a shoe matching a boot, for example, is likely to be as close as you get. I certainly wouldn't have bought it if I'd seen this performed without the benefit of a compliant stooge. My experience made me reconsider buying anything further from Vanishing Inc. I cannot recommend this at all. If I'd have paid any more than £8.50 I'd have been most vexed.



Failing possibillities are to high.

After watching explanation my girlfriend, her sister and me made a drawing and... It poorly would’t have worked.

It’s not something I’d include in my professional repertoire.

No doubt about that.



Strange that he "slides his prediction face down in the stack". Too contrived - comes across as a card trick.