Real Coin Magic

By Benjamin Earl
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Real Coin Magic

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DVD or download by Benjamin Earl (DVD $35.00 or download for $35.00)

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On Real Coin Magic, Benjamin Earl presents four original coin magic compositions designed to strip away the glitz and flourish of coin magic and revert it to something much more raw. The effects are simple in construction, for the most part easy in method, and filled with deep psychological ploys. Each one uses normal pocket change and minimal presentation to bring your audience into a world where coin magic can seem mysterious and magical. You'll learn:

PRIMARY MOVEMENT: A coin is cleanly placed into your left hand and a participant holds on to both your wrists. With no funny moves, the coin transports from your left to your right hand and the spectator feels the exact moment it travels.

SDS VANISH: A coin vanish that relies entirely on a new psychological illusion. The audience will believe that they see a coin dematerialise in front of their eyes.

METAL SWITCH: A two-coin transposition that utilises psychology over sleight of hand to cause two coins to transpose between your hand and a spectator's hand.

TWO SIMPLE SWITCHES: Learn Ben's Hidden in Plain Sight and No Touch Switch; two extremely simply utilitarian coin switches.

POCKET TIME MACHINE: Take the audience back in time just a few seconds; a startling reframing for a coin vanish that you can use anytime with any small object.

"Ben’s magic looks real. His movement is so fluid that everything feels effortless."David Blaine

"Ben's coin magic may be the most magical, practical, straight forward approach I have ever seen. Brilliant is not a good enough word to describe it."Chris Kenner

"I'm stunned. This is how magic with coins should look. Ben is the best I've seen."Asi Wind

Running time: 1 hour, 7 minutes.

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As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Real Coin Magic



I love his style of naturalness-as-method. And being able to take old and basic plots of coin magic and make them resonate in an almost Twilight Zone sort of way, is absolutely inspired. I love all the material on this download.



Such a great coin magic DVD. As always B.E. Concentrates on the most fundamental concepts within coin magic while doing so with his unique lense. His teaching, thought process and presentation are 2nd to none. The first effect on this dvd is by far my favorite. There is nothing cleaner and more magical that well done magic with a single coin. A must buy for any aspiring coin worker.





I purchased this video download because I couldn't believe my eyes on how seamless and magical these coin effects were. This video has only four coin effects and when I learned the methodology of these effects I did a hard facepalm (Don't worry, I didn't injure myself).

The methods to accomplish these effects are incredibly simple. I've known these sleights for a long time; however, as Benjamin Earl states in the introduction, you need to practice these sleights in order to create magic when performing these effects. He is an excellent teacher and explains not only the method, he explains the subtle nuances of what you need to do and the reasons why.

One way I determine how excellent a magician is, is when I know exactly how the effect was accomplished and yet after watching the performance I then wonder how the f*** did he/she do that. These coins effects are incredible and although the sleights to accomplish these amazing feats are simple, I still highly recommend this video.



Absolutely wonderful. Astonishing vanishings without any gimmicks. I was watching Silver Edge and he recommended this download. What a jewel.



Very, very, very good.





The power of these tricks is in their simplicity. That does not mean they're easy in method, but that their clean streamline plots leave no doubt as to the effect being shown. Some coin tricks can be so convoluted that audiences are confused about what actually happened, and the Professor told us that confusion is anathema to magic. Ben's work is the polar opposite of confusion. These are not long routines, but single very high impact effects (the sort of thing a certain street magician would perform once, and then walk away). Learn any one of them, including any of the sleights, and you will not be disappointed.



Nothing new as far as moves, but really brilliant thinking and approach. So important to try to know what a spectator sees. Well worth the cost.



Great effects that can be done with borrowed coins. Every move is motivated. My favorite effect is where he vanishes a coin from one hand and then it appears in the other after it was face down, open. Ben's thinking on magic are great, he truly is a great magic of a newer generation. I'm pretty sure we can expect more awesome stuff from him.



Love this DVD/download. Natural, organic, subtle, and magical. Great teaching.

This is the kind of magic that I enjoy and that I aspire to do.



Ben’s effort to strip away all those details that distract from the effect is terrific. His focus on simplicity doesn’t mean easy — it requires thinking and work but significantly enhances the impact on the spectator. Real Coins is a terrific complement to his Less is More book where those lessons apply here too. Although most of my work is with cards, I’m excited to add some coins to my routine. Vernon often said confusion is not magic, and I think Ben’s approach here aspires to that Vernon standard. Please keep Ben’s lessons coming.

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This is a very different approach to coin magic from many other magicians, and it is fantastic.

The video is full of simple, yet beautiful, effects that are extremely well taught. Benjamin Earl is a wonderful thinker, performer, and teacher.

I think that any magician could benefit greatly from studying this material. Benjamin’s attention to detail is amazing, and his attention to things such as attitude and body language, tension and relaxation, are not only well thought out, but very well described.

Even if you were to get this and never perform anything from the video, I guarantee you would learn a lot.

With that said, I will certainly be performing this material, it’s too good to not share with audiences.

I highly recommend this video to all magicians, of all experience and skill levels.

You will learn some great tricks and techniques, but more importantly you will learn the real secrets. Principles which will help you in your magical journey.

I can not recommend this and all of Benjamin Earl’s material enough.



This is one of the rare magic DVD's that doesn't teach you tricks. It teaches you magic. To some this might be too hard to chew as every routine and move will be processed very thoroughly. And that's the best part of this DVD. You don't learn tricks, you learn how to handle your spectator, you learn WHY you are doing what you are doing and it makes you even think your already perfected routines that you might have performed for years.

After a year of owning this DVD, I hardly ever perform any effects from this DVD. However, my other coin routines has seriously been inspired by Benjamin Earls theory and they are now way better and magical than they were a year ago.



I’m a beginner in magic. This course helped me a lot in realizing the details and the way to interact with spectators in a nuanced way. Ben’s instruction is precise and very helpful, highly recommended!



Hearing Ben's ideas on performing coin magic for an audience and the psychology behind it is already worth the price of this video.

There will be at least one of the routines that you'll slot into your set. Highly recommended.


Let’s get this out of the way. Ben Earl is a genius. I know there is a lot of hype around him and it is unoriginal to concur, but there it is. At his memorable lecture at the Session last year he held the auditorium spellbound with a simple coin transposition – this is magic as you visualised it at the age of 6, perfectly executed.

This 67 minute video teaches just four tricks and a couple of utility coin switches. The fundamental mechanics are simple, based on Bobo, Ramsey and other giants, but it is the psychology, handling and clarity of effect that turns these into miracles. For example, in explaining Primary Movement – the simple coin transposition I saw at the Session – Ben talks about the presentational importance of the coin being introduced and only ever “existing” on the left side of his body prior to the transposition. This shows a laser like focus on the spectator experience. Similarly the “effect moment” is dramatically highlighted, producing a piece of pure theatre.
Metal Switch is a stunningly direct copper silver transposition. Throughout the DVD a host of supporting subtleties are explained, such as the soft technique, use of mime, attention control, psychology and timing.
SDS Vanish is a totally deceptive slow motion coin vanish and Pocket Time Machine, which rebrands a coin vanish as a short journey through time, is a flexible presentation that can be done with any small object such as a sugar cube or USB stick.

A couple of beautifully executed coin switches complete the collection. If you do coin magic, or need motivating to do so, or simply want to admire a master at work, you should get this DVD.



I've always loved coing magic, but it's hard to learn and really time consuming to get it perfect due to the moves, which can get you to perform beautiful eye candy routines.
Having said that, Ben's work on coin magic is different. It isn't the eye candy that we know and love, it's something else. Ben's material doesn't feel like a sleight of hand demonstration, it truly feels like real magic. I don't always do coin magic because I'm not that good at it, but having performed some effects from this DVD, I've gotten the most amazing reactions with just a borrowed coin, which is really insane.
I LOVED every single bit from this material, and I have to say that Ben is a god damn genius.



This is the single best resource I've found this far for learning clear, powerful, meaningful coin magic.
Not only are Ben's effects practical and workable, the way they are constructed also forces you to reflect on everything you've thought magic relies on.
If you're looking for some good material you can add to your repertoire, you'll definitely find something to pick up - be it the more straightforward Metal Switch, or the more conceptual Pocket Time Machine.
If you want a resource that can help you hone effects to perfection, this is a hands-on course on how to do that. The lessons you learn can then be applied to all your pet routines.
My personal favourite is Primary Movement. Clear, essential, no-nonsense, nothing-is-wasted coin across. I've been performing it since I bought Ben's booklet featuring it with unbelievably positive results. Watching Ben's performance on Real Coin Magic helped me clarify it even more.
No hype in this review. This is sound material.



Most of the time as a performer i know what is the real secret behind the moves... in the trailer also .... but this fooled me completely ..hats off to ben.. especially the one hand to other transpo



Years ago I bought Bobo’s Coin Magic, and I worked hard on it. At that time, I was trying to learn EVERYTHING in magic, and found that I had a decent aptitude for coins. So I worked hard, practiced constantly, and… eventually stopped doing coin magic entirely. There were a mix of reasons, but I never felt that it had the same “magical” feel that I could get from other types of magic. In the past 20 years, I have hardly ever messed around with coins since that time.

Then along comes Ben Earl and his Real Coin Magic dvd. What grabbed me immediately was how direct and powerful the effects are. It has always seemed to me that an actual vanish or transposition of a coin(s) is extremely strong, and does not require the magician beating the idea into the ground (pulling coins out of his elbow, etc). This is where Ben Earl drives straight to the magic and wrings every ounce of juice out of it. There are only a few effects, but nothing is wasted. They look great, the effects are very clear, and Earl breaks down very clearly how to make them truly magical: the psychology, the body language, etc. The thinking is similar to his more recent card work, and is all about the spectator. His execution of the moves is beautiful. His explanation of the thinking is gold.

The effect this has had on me is that after 20 years of not messing with coins at all, I am now practicing again, and working on pieces that I think are as strong as anything in my card repertoire. Many thanks to Ben Earl and Vanishing Inc for this one, and getting me inspired again.


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  • Edward Alexander asks: Can any size coin be used? Dollar size or half dollor. How much is the set up time before performance?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It's impromptu effect so you can use any coin which make you fell comfortable.
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