Magic of Ascanio - The Structural Conception of Magic

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Magic of Ascanio - The Structural Conception of Magic

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Book by Arturo de Ascanio ($49.40 - normally $65.00)

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Magic of Ascanio - The Structural Conception of Magic - magic

The Maestro, Arturo de Ascanio, left us in April, 1997, but his magic remains alive through the work of Jesus Etcheverry, who has compiled four books of Ascanio's magic.

We're stocking this particular volume because we think it's the best. You get to learn Ascanio's theories, his thinking and his philosophy, which is extremely deep. We highly recommend this book to all serious students of magic.

This volume details:

  • Technique
  • Construction
  • Cover
  • Presentation
  • How to Study Magic
  • Ascanio's previously unpublished essays
  • Thoughts on Creativity
  • Theory Notebook of 1970
  • His Classic Articles on Theory
  • Conception of the Magical Atmosphere
  • Analysis of a Trick
  • On Misdirection
  • The Fundamentals of Timing
  • Know Yourself
  • The Psychology of Palming
  • The Interviews
  • Interview with a Genius of Magic, by Juan Tamariz
  • A Biographical Interview and My Character, by Docampo
  • Three Juicy Conversations
  • Arturo and Juan Chat
  • An Essay by Aurelio Paviato

The book is set to go out of print within the next couple of months, so be sure to pick up your copy while there are still some available.


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Customer reviews for Magic of Ascanio - The Structural Conception of Magic



What a treasure! This book should be on every magician's bookshelf, from amateur to seasoned professional. The content is inspiring, intelligently written, and presented in a way that itself serves as an example of everything within. The book quality itself is wonderful -- beautifully laid out, extremely high quality paper and binding, and marvelous photos. Ascanio's thoughts should be foundational for all who do magic, and this book easily qualifies as one of the absolute best books on magic theory. This is a book to own, do not settle for a PDF copy. This is a book I will read and re-read often. Bravo to all contributors who got this published so that Master Ascanio keeps inspiring us today!



This book is not one that you'll quickly read. And not only is the prose dense, but the concepts are something you'll have to really think about.

I found myself nodding agreement time and again throughout the book, and consider this one of my best purchases for the year.

Magic of Ascanio - The Structural Conception of Magic by Arturo de Ascanio