Plots Ploys and Other Cons

Book by Brent Braun
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Plots Ploys and Other Cons

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Book by Brent Braun (40.00)

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"...filled with incredible inspiration to make your magic better... the most fun thing you read this year!" Daniel Martin

As magicians, we all love having a full library of magic books. However, to truly stimulate your creativity, sometimes we need more than just a collection of new tricks. Brent Braun offers exactly that with Plots, Ploys & Other Cons, an exploration of one-of-a-kind concepts for those looking to create profound, magicial, and sometimes strange experiences, at a moment's notice.

Founder and owner of J&B Magic Shop, and one of the most trusted magic consultants in the industry, Brent is the man that professional magicians and other serious students of magic rely on for practical advice in crafting captivating effects and award-winning effects.

Plots, Ploys & Other Cons is the result of Brent locking himself in a hotel room for three days with nothing but his notebook full of ideas honed from a variety of practical, emotional and encouraging real-life experiences.

While it does teach you a variety of effects and tricks, this book is so much more than that. It is a thought-provoking discussion of the philosophy of magic and entertainment that you are bound to return to many times throughout your career.

Some of the contents include:

  • A foolproof watch and wallet steal that even those who are terrified of pickpocketing can easily learn
  • Advice on how to quadruple your income
  • A simple principle that can completely change your performances
  • A practical version of the famous 21 card trick that Brent actually uses
  • How to cheat your friends at UNO and create a lasting memory

All this, and so much more, can be found across more than 130 pages of innovative information, effects, and theoretical concepts.

"...full of bold ideas and clever to read... the Chair Principle truly rocked my world and instantly elevated my professional walk-around performances. This simple idea is worth the price of this book many times over. I think you're going to love living inside Brent's head for awhile." Caleb Wiles

"...create moments that will become the stuff of legend." Kevin Reylek

Please note: This book no longer contains this effect “Party Popper Roulette”.


Customer reviews for Plots Ploys and Other Cons



Ok so I just finished reading thais and wow! It's not your conventional magic book. Sure it has some tricks and all, but it’s really a look at a different way to approach magic and creating memories, and the book is a fun emotional experience. I was laughing out loud at many points and the end was surprising and unconventional. Brent has some really fun ideas in this book that I'm looking forward to trying out like "Yellow Six" and "Trick-Roll," but more than that he has me really thinking about how I can use my magic to really create memories for my friends and people I perform for. I really like how this guy thinks. I applaud Brent!



I’m very bitter sweet about this book. Although it’s not a great book, I really like some of the ideas and it will up a whole new world of thinking for some people. Some of ideas are great and some of the ideas I feel are just filler, which kind of dragged the book down a bit. I’ve got a few things from the book, so I guess it’s worth the purchase. There’s a few parts that made me laugh (in a good way) but Just think it could of been better considering Brent is an advisor for some of the biggest names in magic.



My main reason for buying this book was the routine called:"Party Popper Roulette" which is given in the content section of the book and can also been seen on the pic here at the article description. Imagine my surprise as I had the book in my hands and went straight to page 85 for this routine. At this page there is no routine, only the headline and than the sentence that this content has been removed from the book due to concerns of safety reasons from the author. Well thanks a thousand times for NOT MENTIONING THIS up front folks!!! Within the book there is another routine where the solution is to secretly open up the back door of someones house... So it is total appropriate to do this and open up the possibility of burglary or something else but the Roulette Routine has been dismissed. Well I don't get it. I am really pissed about this. I don't think I will go for another book by Mr. Braun. Who knows, next time all I get is a bunch of white papers, because the content has been dismissed for security reasons... Thumbs down from me for this kind of thing.


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