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Color Changing Wand Trick
Color Changing Wand
Trick by Mr. Magic - $2.99

Hold a brightly-colored magic wand (with gold tips) in your hand, and use it during your show. Either point at an object, or wave it in the air -- whatever looks magical to enhance the moment. Suddenly, the wand changes from being brightly colored to being a black wand with golden tips. Where did...

Super Prediction Card Trick
Super Prediction Card
Trick by Ltd. Tenyo Co. - $22.00

Place the cards face up on the table one by one. As you do so, ask someone in the audience to select a card by telling you to stop at any time they choose. The chosen card will in fact be the very card you have already predicted. This illusion of future prediction is a stunning magic trick that...

Die Cast Trick
Die Cast
Trick by Merlins Magic - $25.00

A deck of cards is spread across the table and a spectator freely slides a card out from the spread. The spectator can change their mind if they wish. Once the spectator is happy, they look at, and remember their selected card. They now bury the selected card back into the spread. The cards are...

Comedy Bulb Trick
Comedy Bulb
Trick by Mr. Magic - $4.95

Here's an item that produces lots of laughs, mystery, and magic! A self-lighting light bulb! You're in control of the bulb's lighting at all times. Use it for a funny lie detector test! Or say you've got a great idea and it lights up! Or perform a card trick and, when the bulb is near the...

Growing Die Plastic Trick
Growing Die Plastic
Trick by Mr. Magic - $1.95

Show a "UFO" device to your audience - it appears to be two small saucers placed together. Pull them apart so a die can be seen inside. Say that this UFO die does strange things since it was in outer space. Place the saucers together, and when opened again, the die has shrunk to one...

Snapper Trick
Trick by Mr. Magic - $1.50

This is a classic that has stood the test of time! Show your spectator a device whereby you insert a plunger into a tube and catch a rubber band on the end of the plunger's notch. You then SNAP the plunger several times, showing that it's caught the rubber band perfectly. Hand it to the spectator -...

Sand Frame Deluxe Trick
Sand Frame Deluxe
Trick by Mr. Magic - $39.95

Imagine this. You begin the effect by showing an empty frame. Vanish your spectator's selected card and it ends up being inside the frame! You can achieve this by turning the frame around, or briefly covering it with a scarf, or simply by the wave of the hand. Looks fabulous! And this Deluxe model...

Cigarette Through Card - Bicycle Back Trick
Cigarette Through Card - Bicycle Back
Trick by Mr. Magic - $4.95

Imagine removing a card from a Bicycle deck, and then pushing a cigarette right through it! Half of the cigarette is on one side of the card, and the other half is on the other side. It can be seen from all angles - looks incredible! Then push the cigarette out and show the card to be completely...

Sucker Card Box Jumbo Trick
Sucker Card Box Jumbo
Trick by Mr. Magic - $39.95

A perfect trick for children, but with a different presentation, it's fun for adults, too! Show a wooden frame having two doors. Place a jumbo card in the left door, and state that you will make the card disappear. Tilt the box slightly to the right, and the audience can hear the card sliding over...

Use Me Box Trick
Use Me Box
Trick by Mr. Magic - $14.95

Here's a great solution for placing items that you've either just produced, or "ditching" secret items once you've used them. It's a foldable box that opens up when you need it! You can even hide objects behind the box - when you use the box to pick up something, secretly take the item...

Super Pom Pom Stick Trick
Super Pom Pom Stick
Trick by Mr. Magic - $29.95

This is Super because there are TWO Pom Poms hanging on each end of the stick! The magician pulls a Pom Pom from one end, and a Pom Pom from the other end moves - one is pulled down, and the other pops up! When another is pulled, a different Pom Pom moves. It's crazy! The audience starts to think...

Liftoff Trick
Trick by Himitsu Magic - $10.00

The magician presents a toy rocket and displays both sides of the rocket. There are two slots in the rocket, one on top of the other. The magician places a ribbon in the top slot. Magically, the ribbon visually moves to the bottom slot of the rocket! Very visual!

Andrus Floating Card Red Trick
Andrus Floating Card Red
Trick by Jerry Andrus - $10.00

An Andrus classic is now BACK! The Andrus Floating Card is a beautiful illusion. Two separate playing cards are shown. There is nothing in between them or connected to them. The two cards are placed onto the palm of the hand. Slowly the top card is seen to magically hover over the second. Then to...

Mini Drawer Box Trick
Mini Drawer Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $40.00

A classic of magic. Any object that can fit inside this box and can be made to appear or disappear! Effect: The drawer is opened and shown empty. Opening it for a second time, it is magically filled with sweets that you pour into a bowl. The empty sweet wrappers can then be put the drawer. When the...

Prediction Book Trick
Prediction Book
Trick by Tora Magic - $25.00

The magician shows a paperback book, on the front of which is printed a picture of a pen, watch, and key. The spectator freely chooses one of the three items and now the fun begins... The book opens - on each side, the three aforementioned items are printed plus a small hand. When the pages are...

Out To Coloring Trick
Out To Coloring
Trick by Laurent Villiger - $15.00

Laurent Villiger has adapted to children the famous "Out To Lunch" principle. Show a pack of printed cards bearing coloring drawings. The drawing is pretty, but it lacks colors. After writing his or her name on the card, the child imagines the missing colors. When he or she flips the...

Deluxe Wooden Pool Ball Vase Trick
Deluxe Wooden Pool Ball Vase
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield - $145.00

This classic of magic is beautifully made from choice hardwoods and uses a genuine 2" pool ball. This really is one of the best hand-crafted Ball Vases available on the market today. This model is finely crafted by our own craftsman using the finest materials available and will enhance...

Collectors Dice Vase Trick
Collectors Dice Vase
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield - $65.00

Magic and beauty together! This is a beautifully hand-crafted version of a classic effect, and is a prop you will be proud to own and use. It also makes a fantastic addition to any display cabinet. Traditionally, it would be used to force a total number on two dice for numerous prediction effects....

Balloonatic - The Smaller Divers Lung Tester Trick
Balloonatic - The Smaller Divers Lung Tester
Trick by O'Grady Creations - $145.00

The latest addition to the Pranking Line from O'Grady Creations! Balloonatic has been in development since 2016, based off the highly desirable and popular prank product: The Divers Lung Tester. Balloonatic is a streamlined version of its predecessor, with less moving parts, whilst maintaining its...

Ali Bongo's Growing Hat Trick
Ali Bongo's Growing Hat
Trick by Alan Wong - $25.00

This is a classic item created by Ali Bongo and is still one of the best bits of business for the children's entertainer. You can use it in any routine where you have a child helping you. The hat grows and grows until finally it becomes a real green giant's hat! Ali Bongo's Growing Hat will give...

The Magic Cube Trick
The Magic Cube
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $49.95

"The Magic Cube" has been described as one of the most innovative and creative effects of this year. You can perform a variety of effects with "The Magic Cube". Effect 1: You show the audience a DVD case with a Rubik's Cube on the cover. You mention that on the DVD there are...

The Light Bug RED - 2 Pack Trick
The Light Bug RED - 2 Pack
Trick by Guillaume Donzeau - $25.00

The Light Bug is an electronic device that switches on or off at your control. It can be used with any PRISMA LITES to add more effects. Its small size allows you to hide it anywhere. A very useful accessory for those who love working with light. The effect is incredibly magical!

Chicken and Egg Trick
Chicken and Egg
Trick by Tejinaya - $25.00

This one is fun to perform and audiences love it! Show the audience a large piece of paper with a picture of a chicken. Show that the back side has a picture of a chicken as well. Roll the paper into a cylindrical shape and say the magic word -- an egg appears from inside the tube! Spread open the...

Vanishing Milk Bottle Trick
Vanishing Milk Bottle
Trick by Amazo Magic - $45.00

We present a large bottle built to contain milk or other liquid. After showing it, the liquid contained inside will start to diminish and vanish. A high quality bottle for professional use. Measures 23 centimeters high and 8 centimeters in diameter, supplied with the cap. Instructions included.

Jumbo Princess Card Trick Trick
Jumbo Princess Card Trick
Trick by Tejinaya - $19.95

Magic and mindreading in one great effect! Show 5 picture cards to your spectator - ask them to remember one of them in their mind. Remove one card from the group of cards. Show the remaining cards, and the thought-of card is gone! Show the card that was removed earlier - it is now totally blank!...