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Allan Ackerman is one of the great card workers of the last two decades. So why don't we hear his name more often? He has, in recent years, been more reclusive on the magic scene, but that all changes now, thanks to this quality DVD set. Nearly three hours of footage.

If you are looking for a stellar "best of" primer to Allan's work, this is it. If you want to learn his work on the Zarrow, this is it. If you want to learn lots and lots and lots of tiny finesse points that will improve your magic, this is the set. Paul Kozak seems an odd choice for host, and there are glitches in the filming as it was originally a live lecture series, but these small issues aside, the set is really great.

  • Features Ackerman's Heads-Up Ten Card Poker Deal
  • Nine commercial, practical effects fully explained
  • Includes card and coin material
  • Discussions on Erdnase and card technique
  • Valuable tips, variations, sleights, and outs


  • Heads-Up Ten Card Poker Deal
  • Extensive Outs
  • Variations
  • Bonus Sleights and Moves
  • The Bottom-Up Zarrow
  • Gem-Money Mates
  • Allan's Travelers
  • Return to Ishtar
  • An Ultra-Clean Copper Silver
  • Bottom Dealing
  • Applications
  • Practice tips
  • Tells and Grips
  • Cutting Any Number of Cards
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  • The Divining Rod

Disc 1 Running time: approximately 1h 27 minutes
Disc 2 Running time: approximately 1h 15 minutes

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Customer reviews for Allan Ackerman A Material

Harry Rose

This is HUGE news that Allan has a new DVD set out. I just ordered it from you. I bought Las Vegas Kardma from you guys and have loved his book. Now I can't wait to see the man in action!


Will Dryer

FINALLY...I have very fond memories of seeing Allan do magic for me for hours in Las Vegas. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in magic. He is a wise, kind man, and I can't wait to see this.