Printing 2.0

DVD by Dominique Duvivier ($19.00)

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Printing 2.0  - magic

From the mind of Dominique Duvivier we're very excited to be able to offer you Printing 2.0. The perfect packet routine that's easy to learn, easy to perform, ends clean and everything can be examined!

The effect is as follows. You show eight blue backed playing cards; the four tens in clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds and four blank faced cards. All cards are laid face up on the table. You take the first blank faced card and touch it to a ten, and the blank card turns into an identical ten. What follows is a quick succession of visual changes, including a card's back changing to the colour of your close up mat, another loses its blue back, another changes to a ten printed on both sides, another is split with half of one ten and half of another, and more!

Printing 2.0 is a great worker effect where the outcomes are unexpected, visual and magical, and what's more, everything can be examined at the end.

  • Easy to learn and perform
  • Everything can be examined at the end
  • Visual and magical

Comes with specially printed cards by USPC in Bicycle Rider back, as well as the DVD with two versions explained in detail (easy and advanced) on how to perform this sure-fire routine.

This is just real magicGaetan Bloom
Absolutely diabolicalBob Kohler
You will be fooledMichael Weber
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