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Royal Road To Card Magic DVD - magic

If you are seriously interested in learning card magic, there is no better place to start than The Royal Road to Card Magic with R. Paul Wilson.

For more than half a century, Jean Hugard and Fred Braue's landmark book, The Royal Road to Card Magic, has been a touchstone for all who love and endeavor to perform great card magic. Because of its building-block style of teaching sleights followed by tricks that utilize those sleights to reinforce the lesson, it's been called by many the greatest self-instruction book on magic ever written.

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jonathon allwood

With a high standard helping hand Paul gave you all you know & some history to is it possible time for you to study one the most important books now you can see and learn the skills and knowledge of cards by one of the United Kingdom card magician's it to go to the next level! Royal Road to cards will gave you that family foundstan you need to know within card magic! Enjoy your studying with