Three False Shuffles

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DVD by Justin Higham ($36.00)

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Three False Shuffles - magic

To see Justin Higham perform is an incredibly rare treat. Vanishing Inc founder Andi Gladwin has spent considerable time learning from Justin and is always in awe of his technical ability and finesse that he adds to all of his creations.

Justin frequently fooled magicians such as Dai Vernon and Ed Marlo was his incredibly skill with the pasteboards. He is one of England's unsung heroes of card magic.

On this DVD, Justin teaches three of his best false shuffles. All three shuffles maintain the entire order of the deck and are all different in appearance and style. You'll be able to learn them with a little practice and apply them to the variations and effects that Justin goes on to teach.

This DVD isn't for the beginner, but is a must-view for anyone with a serious interest in card magic.

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