Thought Transmitter Pro

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Thought Transmitter Pro - magic

The Thought transmitter Pro is unique because it does what no other "Peek" wallet in the world does. A spectator writes down a word, a card, or draws something on the back of his business card. The card is then placed between two opaque cards in an opaque wallet . There is no way to see inside of the wallet. In fact, if you wanted to, you could put rubber bands around the wallet, and drop it in a clear zip lock bag to prevent manipulation. The wallet can be freely handled.

Without opening the wallet, the magician is able to divine what was thought of. Instantly.

With the new Thought TransmitterPro you are able to carry credit cards, your drivers license, money etc. inside the wallet.
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Tod Waller

If you want something truly memorable...this is it. I have one of these since they first came out. This is one of those effects that just blows people away. It is so simple that it allows you to put all of your efforts into presentation. I have done this completely surrounded, in low light situations and I have never had a problem. Now it is even better. It takes less than a second to get the information that the spectator has written down. It can be any information; names, cards, numbers, shapes. This new version is easy to get replacement parts for(you will understand when you purchase item). The Thought Transmitter lasts for a very long time. But if you need parts, it is now easy to get. This is an incredible, useful item for both the Mentalist and Magician.