Unicorn Cork

Trick by Nicholas Einhorn ($19.95)

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Nick Einhorn has created that most mythical of beasts: a prop that is eminently usable, cost effective, and looks completely ordinary. Welcome to Unicorn Cork!

Constructed from real cork and lined with non-stick material, this cork is designed to easily hold double-folding coins of a range of currencies, including the US half dollar, quarter, UK 50p, £2 coins, and any coin of similar size. Hiding in plain sight, the coin remains hidden until needed for your next Coin-in-Bottle routine! As a bonus, Nick even shares his Coin-in-Bottle routine, which includes the appearance and disappearance of the bottle! Get yours today!

Please note that you will need to supply your own bottle and folding coin.

"The reason I like your cork gimmick is that it fits into the mouth of a bottle easily (Coke, beer, etc.). There are other cork gimmicks, however, they do not fit into smaller bottles and some are not real cork and do not taper. So far as I can tell, your cork is the only one that really works with most bottles and looks like a real cork!"CODY FISHER

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