Magical Insurance Policy 2.0

Trick by James Kennedy
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Magical Insurance Policy 2.0

29.95 usd

Trick by James Kennedy ($29.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Magical Insurance Policy 2.0 - magic

Good parlor magic is ALWAYS exciting to us. This is a clever combination of the old Vanishing Bandanna trick AND the classic Magician's Insurance Policy. 

We have taken the great fun elements from the bandanna routine, ditched the messy resets, and combined it with the "pack flat, play huge" concept of the Insurance Policy. Add to this our hilarious comedy soundtrack that everyone can relate to.

The Magical Insurance Policy 2.0 is a gag-packed routine that your audience will love.

  • Bright and colorful design
  • A3 Matte laminated both sides (virtually indestructible)
  • Visual gags built into the policy
  • Hilarious Insurance helpline audio track
  • One strong revelation
  • Written instructions on the policy for those impromptu opportunities -- or a great back-up when things don't go quite according to plan
  • Audio track with option of instant play, 5-second delay, and 10-second delay
Here is what working Professionals have to say about Magical Insurance Policy 2.0...

"If Scott Alexander decided to redo the Magicians Insurance Policy, it would look like this! I 100% recommend this."
- Dr. Jonathan Royle

"It's funny, it's superb quality and it's extremely durable in every sense of the word. I watched James try to destroy one before my very eyes at Blackpool -- he failed. This is a serious piece of kit! Can be performed with or without a backing track. If you can't do this effect, you should seriously consider giving up magic -- James has made it that easy!"
- Mick Wilson, Newcastle Upon Tyne 2017

"Hi James. Received the Insurance Policy. Very nice quality. Thank you."
- Victor Trabucco


Customer reviews for Magical Insurance Policy 2.0

James Ward

Okay so its not 100% original, but I do like that its made to last way longer than others. But the real selling point at lest in my mind is the suppose calling insurance company, it has added a great amount of laughter to my show as well some how people it see it more amazing when the policy is opened.