The Cocktail

Trick by Gustavo Raley
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The Cocktail

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Trick by Gustavo Raley ($69.95)

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The Cocktail - magic

If you are looking for an original effect that is visual, practical and 100% effective for your magic shows... this is it!

Imagine being able to perform the classic effect, Sands of the Desert, now with liquids! So amazing that your audience will not believe their eyes!

Show an empty bucket (not included - use any bucket) and show three bottles with three different liquids. They can be sodas, juices, or energizers.

Now start pouring each liquid one at a time inside of the bucket -- let's say blue, yellow and finally red.

Move the bucket around, mixing all of the liquids into a magic cocktail. Now grab one of the empty plastic cups and, by introducing it into the bucket, magically remove just the blue liquid. Do the same with the second cup full of the yellow liquid. Finally, tilt down the bucket to fill the third cup with the red liquid... pass the bucket for examination to the audience, showing that there is nothing inside of the bucket.

If you want, you can immediately repeat the effect over and over since it resets instantly!

Includes everything needed to perform this amazing routine.

  • No chemicals or refills needed at all -- buy The Cocktail and perform it for a lifetime!
  • Use your own beverages, sodas, juices, liquids, etc.
  • The kit doesn't include the bucket
  • Based on an idea by Alan Wakeling, and perfected by Gustavo Raley

Customer reviews for The Cocktail

Richard Tuckerman

I have always wanted to have a "Sands of the Dessert" type routine in my repertoire, but the trick IS messy and you're on the hook for refills (which may become unavailable) for life. The Cocktail preserves the effect with less mess (your hands don't get wet) and no refills. The instructional video (included on CD, for a nice change) offers two presentations. In my opinion, one of the two is more effective and the other more versatile in that it can be performed in more settings. The problem with the "better" of the two presentations is nearly unavoidable, tell-tale noise, enough to need significant cover — music or a couple of timely sneezes perhaps. That said this is a winner and the kind of thing your audience doesn't see every day.