Impossible Deck

Deck of cards by Yif ($20.00)

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Impossible Deck - magic

Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. In the beginning the Universe was created, in the beginning there was the big bang. From its particles and atoms we human came to life, with time and environmental luck we became who we are.

The four leaf clover is a symbol of luck, it also represents destiny, from it people try continuously to reach new heights, like a rising ace who wants desperately to find its missing corner, pursuing its perfection that always escape.

The Y broken sword has the scars of countless battles. Its about how hard every artist get hit by all the difficulties of life and still moving forward.

3 years in the making, simple yet full of meaning.
Perseverance on the artistic road is the core of the impossible deck design.

The carefully chosen finish is customized, smooth and time-honored. With production humidity, ink weight and storage researched with care and attention for durability and perfect handling.

The Ace of Spades has a unique mythological design.

The 12 picture cards represents each a very special magical artist.

Designed by Yif and printed on the finest card stock available, this very limited deck will catch the eyes of the most luxurious cards collectors.

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