Magic by Amazo Magic

Card Production Gimmick Trick
Card Production Gimmick
Trick by Amazo Magic - From $15.00

Magically produce playing cards from thin air without needing to learn any complex card manipulation. Your hand will look relaxed the entire...

Miracle Lamp Trick
Miracle Lamp
Trick by Amazo Magic - 320.00

What a beautiful effect for your stage act. If you perform for family audiences or on stage, consider adding this beautiful effect to your act.The...

Cloud Surprise Trick
Cloud Surprise
Trick by Amazo Magic - 95.00

"Cloud Surprise" really impressed us, in terms of the quality of the props and also the effect. You display a paper cloud that has either been lying...

Coin Ladder Trick
Coin Ladder
Trick by Amazo Magic - From $395.00

Producing coins is very visual, but how can you enhance the appearance? Try this Coin Ladder from Amazo Magic! Now you can mark the...

Umbrella Table Trick
Umbrella Table
Trick by Amazo Magic - 199.95

Want a quick and easy way to bring a table or container with you to your next performance? Here's a great solution! The Umbrella Table can be used...

New Flying Sphere Trick
New Flying Sphere
Trick by Amazo Magic - 120.00

Probably the lightest flying ball on the magic market. It lights up! This light sphere turns on and off at your command. Prepare to levitate...

Special Effects Fan Trick
Special Effects Fan
Trick by Amazo Magic - 69.95

We are pleased to present a special fan that allows you to produce a flash of fire or an explosion of confetti. The fan is made of fabric and solid...

Mystery Key Test Trick
Mystery Key Test
Trick by Amazo Magic - 100.00

Get instant audience attention by putting your money on the line with this captivating effect!5 keys, 1 padlock and 1 transparent box, yet with it...

Chalk Writer Trick
Chalk Writer
Trick by Amazo Magic - 19.95

Secretly write any prediction, from messages to numbers or symbols on a real standard chalkboard with Chalk Writer. This is an amazing swami gimmick...

Vanishing Milk Bottle Trick
Vanishing Milk Bottle
Trick by Amazo Magic - 45.00

We present a large bottle built to contain milk or other liquid. After showing it, the liquid contained inside will start to diminish and vanish. A...

Knife Through Coat Trick
Knife Through Coat
Trick by Amazo Magic - 74.95

The Knife Through Coat has stood the test of time as a classic in magic - it always amazes your audience (and excites your volunteer)! Our Knife...

Mirror Goblet Trick
Mirror Goblet
Trick by Amazo Magic - 49.95

This classic apparatus is ready to help you perform some of the most amazing switches your audience has seen!Turn liquids into silk streamers,...

No Exception Magic download (video)
No Exception
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - 7.00

A perfect mentalism parlor miracle for your next performance!No Exception uses a shuffled deck divided into three packets and put into three drinking...

Milk Pitcher Jumbo Trick
Milk Pitcher Jumbo
Trick by Amazo Magic - 73.00

Forget those small pitchers. Take a look at this Jumbo Milk Pitcher for your next performance. Measuring 18 cm wide and 20 cm high, this pitcher will...

Travel to Rome Magic download (video)
Travel to Rome
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - 22.00

Get ready for two incredible mentalism effects from Amazo. Not only are they easy to perform, but they only require ordinary objects! No gimmicks! ...

Appearing Fish in Bowl Trick
Appearing Fish in Bowl
Trick by Amazo Magic - 140.00

Make a group of fish instantly appear inside of a fishbowl of water. This is a visual masterpiece that audiences of all ages will adore. It is...

Impromptu Ball Trick
Impromptu Ball
Trick by Amazo Magic - 14.95

In this standard but amazing effect, your hands are shown empty and, after crossing them and showing them on both sides, a ball suddenly appears...

Auto-light Candle with Remote Control Trick
Auto-light Candle with Remote Control
Trick by Amazo Magic - 175.00

Having a séance? Or just want to set the mood for some eerie yet great magic to follow? At your command, this candle automatically...

H2O Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - 7.00

Maybe this should be name H-2-OMG! Because that's what your audiences will be saying!The performer shows an empty glass, and then fills it with water...

AT 8:30 Magic download (video)
AT 8:30
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - 12.00

Two great close-up effects by Amazo! In this download, Amazo teaches you two masterpieces of close-up magic. Iron Memory: After a deck...

Ultimate Card Frame with Remote Control Trick
Ultimate Card Frame with Remote Control
Trick by Amazo Magic - 175.00

Now you can perform Card Thru Frame with confidence! A transparent frame is shown on both sides. A card is selected. After inserting it inside the...

Razor Switch Device Trick
Razor Switch Device
Trick by Amazo Magic - 87.99

We get SO many requests for versions of the Razor Blades effect that are safe and efficient and practical. Well, this is it!After showing five sharp...

Bolt Prediction Trick
Bolt Prediction
Trick by Amazo Magic - 59.95

A new and unique mindreading prediction effect! An aluminum plate is shown to the audience. In the upper portion, there are five...

Accessory by Amazo Magic - 12.50

When you need to magically produce a ball, a small gesture is enough to get it in your hands. It is perfect for all types of rubber or wooden balls...

Comedy Electric Stool Trick
Comedy Electric Stool
Trick by Amazo Magic - 395.00

Giving a touch of comedy to your show is essential in a modern context of magic show. With this wooden stool you will be able to create real funny...

Miracle Linking Ropes Trick
Miracle Linking Ropes
Trick by Amazo Magic - 55.00

If you need a multi-phase eye-popping routine for your next show, look no further than Miracle Linking Ropes! The performer knots three pieces...

Recycling Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - 7.00

In this video, Amazo demonstrates and teaches an unusual effect. A can is emptied of its contents, and then it is crushed and put into a bag. Now...

Mutilated Parasol Trick
Mutilated Parasol
Trick by Amazo Magic - 450.00

The magician shows a large umbrella and wraps it inside a folded beach mat or a double sheet of newspaper. The magician then displays...

Light in Wine Glass Trick
Light in Wine Glass
Trick by Amazo Magic - 34.95

If you do any light manipulation, such as D-Light, this is a great accessory.  A light is captured in the magician's hand through the...

The Spell Magic download (video)
The Spell
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - 13.00

Here, Amazo presents two new effects: - Bosco Tribute: A lemon in sliced and some of its juice is squeezed into a glass. Nevertheless,...

Loporcaro Handcuffs Trick
Loporcaro Handcuffs
Trick by Amazo Magic - 149.95

Especially for you escapologists, we have a pair of Loporcaro Handcuffs that are a delight to behold and use for your next escape act!These...

Miracle Lamp Milk in Light Bulb with Remote STAGE Trick
Miracle Lamp Milk in Light Bulb with Remote STAGE
Trick by Amazo Magic - 375.00

Funny and amazing! A lamp is lit on stage. You, the magician, then make milk disappear. Suddenly (at your control), the lamp turns off. Unscrew the...