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Comedy Electric Chair Trick
Comedy Electric Chair
Trick by Amazo Magic - $995.00

With this chair (the lightest and thinnest on the market), you can add a humorous touch to your performances. It can be used as a normal chair or to create funny moments. At your command, the chair generates a slight, harmless shock - annoying enough that the person sitting on it typically...

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Devil's Deck Magic download (video)
Devil's Deck
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - $15.00

A new method for ACAAN that will baffle your spectators! The performer shuffles the deck, and then the spectator cuts and selects any number from 1-52. The performer counts to that number and shows the spectator that card. He then opens his wallet and shows the one card that is inside the...

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Miracle Lamp Trick
Miracle Lamp
Trick by Amazo Magic - $320.00

What a beautiful effect for your stage act. If you perform for family audiences or on stage, consider adding this beautiful effect to your act. The magician displays some milk and subsequently vanishes it. After the milk disappears, the magician removes the lampshade from a nearby lamp and unplugs...

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Cloud Surprise Trick
Cloud Surprise
Trick by Amazo Magic - $95.00

"Cloud Surprise" really impressed us, in terms of the quality of the props and also the effect. You display a paper cloud that has either been lying on a table, or remove it from inside a paper bag. It appears to be folded flat. When you reach into the fold, a dove magically appears from inside! ...

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Mirror Goblet Trick
Mirror Goblet
Trick by Amazo Magic - $49.95

This classic apparatus is ready to help you perform some of the most amazing switches your audience has seen! Turn liquids into silk streamers, confetti, sponges, etc. Test your imagination and see how versatile this apparatus real is! Here is a high-quality and high-capacity goblet...

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No Exception Magic download (video)
No Exception
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - $7.00

A perfect mentalism parlor miracle for your next performance! No Exception uses a shuffled deck divided into three packets and put into three drinking glasses. The spectator is asked to stop the magician in random places as cards are put to the back of each packet, resulting in three unknown...

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Bolt Prediction Trick
Bolt Prediction
Trick by Amazo Magic - $59.95

A new and unique mindreading prediction effect! An aluminum plate is shown to the audience. In the upper portion, there are five numbers corresponding to the bolts fixed on the same plate. In the lower portion, a second plate covers another set of bolts. The mentalist...

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Mystery Key Test Trick
Mystery Key Test
Trick by Amazo Magic - $79.95

Get instant audience attention by putting your money on the line with this captivating effect! 5 keys, 1 padlock and 1 transparent box, yet with it you create a lot of excitement! The padlock ensures the case, full of money, stays sealed. You mix the keys and have 4 spectators choose one and try to...

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Travel to Rome Magic download (video)
Travel to Rome
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - $22.00

Get ready for two incredible mentalism effects from Amazo. Not only are they easy to perform, but they only require ordinary objects! No gimmicks! Included are: Dream of Mentalist: The magician shows a prediction, which is visible throughout the effect. Ten different colored Sharpies...

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Razor Switch Device Trick
Razor Switch Device
Trick by Amazo Magic - $99.95

We get SO many requests for versions of the Razor Blades effect that are safe and efficient and practical. Well, this is it! After showing five sharp blades, the performer puts them in a plastic case. He removes the blades from the case, and places them in his mouth. A bit of thread is then put...

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Loporcaro Handcuffs Trick
Loporcaro Handcuffs
Trick by Amazo Magic - $99.95

Especially for you escapologists, we have a pair of Loporcaro Handcuffs that are a delight to behold and use for your next escape act! These stainless-steel beauties will hold your wrists apart and secure them with an added padlock. Escape couldn't possibly happen...unless you know the secret!...

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Coin Ladder Trick
Coin Ladder
Trick by Amazo Magic - $540.00

Producing coins is very visual, but how can you enhance the appearance? Try this Coin Ladder from Amazo Magic! Now you can mark the appearance of a coin with an auditory experience as each coin clinks and clanks down the coin ladder. Don't settle for just a drop in a bucket when you...

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H2O Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - $7.00

Maybe this should be name H-2-OMG! Because that's what your audiences will be saying! The performer shows an empty glass, and then fills it with water and places a large playing card on the top of the glass. Now the glass is turned upside-down and the card removed, but the water stays suspended...

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Impromptu Ball Trick
Impromptu Ball
Trick by Amazo Magic - $14.95

In this standard but amazing effect, your hands are shown empty and, after crossing them and showing them on both sides, a ball suddenly appears out of nowhere! To your spectators, this is true magic! Available in two different colors: yellow or red. The ball measures 40mm diameter,...

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Light in Wine Glass Trick
Light in Wine Glass
Trick by Amazo Magic - $34.95

If you do any light manipulation, such as D-Light, this is a great accessory.   A light is captured in the magician's hand through the air. After a moment, the magician throws it back into the air, and it magically appears in a glass that he holds in his hand. It is a...

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Knife Through Coat Trick
Knife Through Coat
Trick by Amazo Magic - $74.95

The Knife Through Coat has stood the test of time as a classic in magic - it always amazes your audience (and excites your volunteer)! Our Knife Through Coat by Amazo Magic is a new model knife -- it creates the brilliant illusion of piercing the jacket of a spectator sitting in the front row....

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Auto-light Candle with Remote Control Trick
Auto-light Candle with Remote Control
Trick by Amazo Magic - $175.00

Having a séance? Or just want to set the mood for some eerie yet great magic to follow? At your command, this candle automatically lights up. Easy to use -- it uses two common batteries (18650 and 12v) and a remote control. Old-style version! Height 16 cm,...

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Umbrella Table Trick
Umbrella Table
Trick by Amazo Magic - $199.95

Want a quick and easy way to bring a table or container with you to your next performance? Here's a great solution! The Umbrella Table can be used as a container after opening the tripod, or as a table after attaching your favorite base on the magnetic handle with the metallic disk included. The...

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AT 8:30 Magic download (video)
AT 8:30
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - $12.00

Two great close-up effects by Amazo! In this download, Amazo teaches you two masterpieces of close-up magic. Iron Memory: After a deck of cards has been shuffled and then cut several times, the magician attempts to memorize the positions of all the cards. The spectator...

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The Spell Magic download (video)
The Spell
Magic download (video) by Amazo Magic - $13.00

Here, Amazo presents two new effects: - Bosco Tribute: A lemon in sliced and some of its juice is squeezed into a glass. Nevertheless, it is then magically restored! Everything can be examined before and after. - Modern Blackboard: A Transparent plate serves as a...

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