Magic by David Forrest

Automata DVD
DVD by David Forrest - $29.95

PRO LEVEL MAGIC - MASSIVE REACTIONS - NOT A SLEIGHT IN SIGHT! Full 52 Productions proudly presents 'Automata' with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave -...

Encased DVD
DVD by David Forrest - $30.00

Imagine you have any card freely selected and signed then lost back into the pack. Now imagine that you pick up the card case and remove the two...

Ripped & Repaired Trick
Ripped & Repaired
Trick by David Forrest - $18.75

A new approach to the T&R plotA corner is cleanly and fairly torn from a selected card. (It really is!) The magician claims that he can restore...

Whodunit Trick
Trick by David Forrest - $25.95

Dave Forrest presents 'WHODUNIT?' The 'WHODUNIT' cards will allow you to play infinite variations of the famous board game with your...

Fortune Trick
Trick by David Forrest - $30.00

We were skeptical, but this is actually a really lovely effect. The quality of props is high, and the effect is quite unusual and commercial. We...

V: Five Effects DVD
V: Five Effects
DVD by David Forrest - $30.00

"All five of these new effects are wonderful. In fact, I honestly think they are among Dave's best work to date - really clever thinking! Not only...

Focus Trick
Trick by David Forrest - $37.00

FOCUS is a set of twelve specially designed ESP-style cards featuring geometric shapes and abstract symbols that will allow you to perform several...

Forrest's 3 DVD
Forrest's 3
DVD by David Forrest - $30.00

"Dave has done it again! Using common principles in uncommon ways he has created some killer commercial routines that are well within the reach of...

Fandango - Part 2 Book
Fandango - Part 2
Book by David Forrest - $17.50

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET! Part 2 in the 'Fandango' series continues with yet more innovative close up magic with the focus firmly fixed on...

Quickfire Book
Book by David Forrest - $20.00

'Quickfire' - Five 'Hit and Run' effects for the close up performer!Four quick, visual and impromptu card effects with an ordinary deck plus a...

Trap-Ease Trick
Trick by David Forrest - $20.00

Full52 is pleased to announce the release of 'Trap-ease!' The brand new, ultra visual, highly impossible yet super easy sandwich...

Route 1 Trick
Route 1
Trick by David Forrest - $22.00

Any Card at Any Number!EffectAt the beginning of your card set you display a blue backed deck and place it into your pocket for later. You then...

Second Guest Trick
Second Guest
Trick by David Forrest - $17.50

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET!THE SECOND GUEST - E-BOOK "I designed The Second Guest to be a practical, direct method of divining of a spectator's...

The Forrest/Francis Project Volume 2 DVD
The Forrest/Francis Project Volume 2
DVD by David Forrest and Cameron Francis - $30.00

The Forrest Francis Project is one of Full 52's most anticipated releases ever! Two volumes, each containing 10 new, never before seen effects from...

Fandango - Part 1 Book
Fandango - Part 1
Book by David Forrest - $17.50

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET!David Forrest's FANDANGO - Close up magic for the real world. Part 1. Part 1 in a series of releases containing all new...

Smoke Rings Trick
Smoke Rings
Trick by David Forrest - $20.00

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET!SMOKE RINGS - A One Card Link by David ForrestSingled out by the legendary Paul Harris for inclusion on his 'True...

Autobahn Trick
Trick by David Forrest - $20.00

EffectWhat if you could perform the classic ACAN effect while you were STROLLING or HOPPING TABLES and succeed every single time without fail? What...

DVD by David Forrest - $30.00

The acclaimed Card Thru Window effect that had EVERYONE talking is now available on DVD by popular demand! This in-depth DVD walks you step by step...

Double Decker Trick
Double Decker
Trick by David Forrest - $20.00

'Double Decker' is a trick booklet describing the construction of a gimmicked deck and card case which will allow you to produce two decks of...

Incognito Trick
Trick by David Forrest - $20.00

Roddy has been quietly carving out a name for himself for the last few years as a creator of awesome, off-beat routines and crazy-clever gimmicks -...

XBOX Trick
Trick by David Forrest - $24.00

Without any suspicious moves at all, you can immediately cause a signed card to appear in the card case. Your spectator will watch in disbelief as...