Magic by David Forrest

Nothing In Transit 2.0 Trick
Nothing In Transit 2.0
Trick by David Forrest - 39.95

A hole jumps on and off a selected card in this visual card magic miracle that is now better than ever. "Nothing In Transit 2.0" by David...

The Yin Yang Poker Chips Trick
The Yin Yang Poker Chips
Trick by David Forrest and Full 52 - 24.95

"The Yin Yang Poker Chips" by Full 52 have been specially manufactured to breathe new life into copper/silver routines. Give your old...

Automata DVD
DVD by David Forrest - 29.95

PRO LEVEL MAGIC - MASSIVE REACTIONS - NOT A SLEIGHT IN SIGHT! Full 52 Productions proudly presents 'Automata' with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave -...

Ripped & Repaired Trick
Ripped & Repaired
Trick by David Forrest - 18.75

A new approach to the T&R plotA corner is cleanly and fairly torn from a selected card. (It really is!) The magician claims that he can restore...

Whodunit Trick
Trick by David Forrest - 25.95

Dave Forrest presents 'WHODUNIT?' The 'WHODUNIT' cards will allow you to play infinite variations of the famous board game with your...

Fortune Trick
Trick by David Forrest - 30.00

We were skeptical, but this is actually a really lovely effect. The quality of props is high, and the effect is quite unusual and commercial. We...

V: Five Effects DVD
V: Five Effects
DVD by David Forrest - 30.00

"All five of these new effects are wonderful. In fact, I honestly think they are among Dave's best work to date - really clever thinking! Not only...

Focus Trick
Trick by David Forrest - 37.00

FOCUS is a set of twelve specially designed ESP-style cards featuring geometric shapes and abstract symbols that will allow you to perform several...

Forrest's 3 DVD
Forrest's 3
DVD by David Forrest - 30.00

"Dave has done it again! Using common principles in uncommon ways he has created some killer commercial routines that are well within the reach of...

Fandango - Part 2 Book
Fandango - Part 2
Book by David Forrest - 17.50

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET! Part 2 in the 'Fandango' series continues with yet more innovative close up magic with the focus firmly fixed on...

Quickfire Book
Book by David Forrest - 20.00

'Quickfire' - Five 'Hit and Run' effects for the close up performer!Four quick, visual and impromptu card effects with an ordinary deck plus a...

Trap-Ease Trick
Trick by David Forrest - 20.00

Full52 is pleased to announce the release of 'Trap-ease!' The brand new, ultra visual, highly impossible yet super easy sandwich...

Route 1 Trick
Route 1
Trick by David Forrest - 22.00

Any Card at Any Number!EffectAt the beginning of your card set you display a blue backed deck and place it into your pocket for later. You then...

Second Guest Trick
Second Guest
Trick by David Forrest - 17.50

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET!THE SECOND GUEST - E-BOOK "I designed The Second Guest to be a practical, direct method of divining of a spectator's...

The Forrest/Francis Project Volume 2 DVD
The Forrest/Francis Project Volume 2
DVD by David Forrest and Cameron Francis - 30.00

The Forrest Francis Project is one of Full 52's most anticipated releases ever! Two volumes, each containing 10 new, never before seen effects from...

Fandango - Part 1 Book
Fandango - Part 1
Book by David Forrest - 17.50

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET!David Forrest's FANDANGO - Close up magic for the real world. Part 1. Part 1 in a series of releases containing all new...

Smoke Rings Trick
Smoke Rings
Trick by David Forrest - 20.00

NOW AVAILABLE AS A BOOKLET!SMOKE RINGS - A One Card Link by David ForrestSingled out by the legendary Paul Harris for inclusion on his 'True...

Autobahn Trick
Trick by David Forrest - 20.00

EffectWhat if you could perform the classic ACAN effect while you were STROLLING or HOPPING TABLES and succeed every single time without fail? What...

DVD by David Forrest - 30.00

The acclaimed Card Thru Window effect that had EVERYONE talking is now available on DVD by popular demand! This in-depth DVD walks you step by step...

Double Decker Trick
Double Decker
Trick by David Forrest - 20.00

'Double Decker' is a trick booklet describing the construction of a gimmicked deck and card case which will allow you to produce two decks of...

Encased DVD
DVD by David Forrest - 26.00

Imagine you have any card freely selected and signed then lost back into the pack. Now imagine that you pick up the card case and remove the two...

Incognito Trick
Trick by David Forrest - 20.00

Roddy has been quietly carving out a name for himself for the last few years as a creator of awesome, off-beat routines and crazy-clever gimmicks -...

XBOX Trick
Trick by David Forrest - 24.00

Without any suspicious moves at all, you can immediately cause a signed card to appear in the card case. Your spectator will watch in disbelief as...