Magic by James Piper

Piperactive - Volume 2 DVD
Piperactive - Volume 2
DVD by James Piper - $29.99

Contents: I'm not interested in coincidences.......... An unexplainable prediction effect, that leaves them scratching their heads! My magic is more sophisticated than that.......... A charming multi phased 3 coin routine....Funny, interactive and amazing! Quicker than...

Piperactive - Volume 1 DVD
Piperactive - Volume 1
DVD by James Piper - $29.99

Contents: I thought you said eight.......... After a little 'confusion' the magician saves the day by finding two selections, then blows their minds with an unbelievable transposition! No good for the OCD!.......... A demonstration of dexterity, with a magical ending. Strong,...

Piperactive - Volumes 1 & 2 DVD
Piperactive - Volumes 1 & 2
DVD by James Piper - $29.99 each

'Piperactive' is the brand new DVD from rsvpmagic, starring the superb James Piper. This DVD feature some incredibly strong magic using just a regular deck of cards and some normal coins, from the working act of James Piper, a rising new star in the magic world. All...