Magic by Lukas Crafts

Card Clip (Lukas Crafts) Trick
Card Clip (Lukas Crafts)
Trick by Lukas Crafts - $34.95

Made from fine aluminum with smooth and elegant surfacing. Lukas Crafts card clip is designed so you can also use it as a smartphone stand + speaker amplifier. NOTE: Not all smart phones will work, due to variations in size and shape. Designed for iPhones 4s.

Smoke One Remote Kit Trick
Smoke One Remote Kit
Trick by Lukas Crafts - $64.95

The Smoke One Remote Kit is designed to be used with the Smoke One Box Type (Standard Type). It is not compatible with the Smoke One Ball Type (After all, the ball type is designed so that you can hold or palm the device, so having a remote control function is pointless). Attach the Remote...

Smoke One Liquid Refill Refill
Smoke One Liquid Refill
Refill by Lukas Crafts - $9.95

This is the Liquid Refill for Smoke One. Each bottle will fuel the device for approximately 100 times, and each charge will last about 30 seconds (3 times for 10 seconds). Note: Instructions not included.

Charge Deck Deck of cards
Charge Deck
Deck of cards by Lukas Crafts - $54.95

Although this accessory can be used as a trick, above all it is a fun and useful gadget to own! A supplementary battery which fits into a regular Bicycle card case. It is designed to look like a normal deck when you grip it in mechanic's grip but of course it is much more... ...