Magic by Luu Duc Hieu

INKredible Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $9.95

The INK visually jumps to another card. Looks like a camera trick, but it's not! INKredible is a utility gimmick that is loaded with potential. Quickly make your custom gimmick - it only takes minutes. Eye-catching magic that breaks the language barriers Perfect for close-up Spectators are...

Blink Of An Eye Magic download (video)
Blink Of An Eye
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $9.00

Instantly change the faces and the backs of your playing cards -- even restore a torn corner! This is modern visual card magic at its finest. Learn this lightning quick, hyper-visual card change today! Download this video and begin performing these impossible-looking feats...

Never Wrong Magic download (video)
Never Wrong
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $9.95

An impossible prediction effect! A deck of cards is given to someone to hold onto as a prediction. A second deck of cards is then introduced. That deck is shuffled and shown to be randomly mixed cards, all different from one another. The spectator then cuts anywhere they...

Twins Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $6.45

An easy, yet baffling, card trick for close-up and street magic! Give a spectator a shuffled deck and hand them a card whose back has a different color. Ask them to place this card somewhere in the middle of the deck. When the deck is spread, it is revealed that they have magically...

DV Change Magic download (video)
DV Change
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $3.95

A Stunning One Card Color Change! Easy to do, yet it appears as if you've performed a miracle! If people saw this on TV, they'd swear it was a camera trick - it looks that incredible! Download it today!

GUM Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $6.45

A corner is torn from a card and then vanishes. The spectator turns over a package of gum that has been sitting on the spectator's hand from the beginning. Inside one of the see-through plastic bubbles of the unopened package of gum, is the corner of the card! Learn in seconds Resets...

Hidden Eye Magic download (video)
Hidden Eye
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $7.45

Unleash your mind-reading skills with your Hidden Eye!After several objects are put onto the table, the mentalist turns around or blindfolds himself. Meanwhile, the spectator selects and object, holds it, returns it to the table, and mixes all the objects, yet the mentalist can still determine...

Float Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $7.99

An incredibly visual levitation that happens right in front of their eyes! Welcome to Float!Now you can levitate a card, even signed. And we're not talking a little above the deck, but right next to the deck with no overlap! Just borrow a deck, have a card selected and signed, and then you make the...

One Second Magic download (video)
One Second
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $9.95

One second is all it takes to make amazing visual magic happen in One Second.This gimmick allows you to change what's written on the end of a card in the blink of an eye. Perfect for revelations, transformations and whatever else you can dream up! The spectators can even touch the ink immediately...

421 Transport Magic download (video)
421 Transport
Magic download (video) by Luu Duc Hieu - $9.95

421 Transport is ready to deliver if you need a multi-phase close-up card trick that entertains and astonishes! First a spectator selects a card (let's imagine a Queen) and a number from 1-4. After the magician places their card back into the deck, it is miraculously shown that the face-down...