Magic by Mr Daba

Sponge Tennis Balls Trick
Sponge Tennis Balls
Trick by Mr Daba - 49.95

A sponge ball routine that can play for any size audience from close up magic to stage and parlor magic. There is a reason the late, great Eugene...

My Invisible Friend Trick
My Invisible Friend
Trick by Mr Daba - 35.00

My Invisible Friend is a fun routine for children and families that blends the classic zombie ball effect with a variety of spongeball phases. It is...

Think Back Trick
Think Back
Trick by Mr Daba - 35.00

"Think Back" is a fun and surprising prediction that is perfect for parlor and stage magic performers. Three different objects that were...

Mr WAND Trick
Trick by Mr Daba - 79.95

Introducing "Mr. Wand": The Enchanting Animated Companion for Kids' Magic! "Mr. Wand" brings enchantment to life with its...