Magic by Nox

Christmas Exchange Trick
Christmas Exchange
Trick by Luis Zavaleta and Nox - From $35.00

A delightful holiday routine that audiences of all ages will adore. This is the perfect effect for and holiday magic show or christmas magic show....

Clown Paddle Trick
Clown Paddle
Trick by Nox - 25.00

"Clown Paddle" is a fun and visual new take on classic magic paddle tricks. It adds an extra special touch to the classic Paddle Move that...

Frosty Trick
Trick by Magik Time and Nox - 39.95

One of the most unique prediction reveals you've ever seen. "It's an awesome effect!" Xavier Mortimer "Frosty" is an amazingly...

Party Emoji Trick
Party Emoji
Trick by Luis Zavaleta and Nox - 59.95

A fun and hilarious effect for childrens magic performers based on the classic Homing Card effect. "Party Emoji" by Luis Zavaleta and...