Magic by Tom Burgoon

With a magic career that spans over four decades, Tom Burgoon has wowed and impressed family audiences coast to coast both on land and sea. His unique brand of comedy and magic has been showcased to adults and kids on cruise lines, corporate family days and comedy clubs. His distinctive down-home sense of humor has made him one of the most in-demand performers today which is why he's a fixture at magic conventions and has been featured on the cover of Genii Magazine.

What family entertainers find unique about Tom is that he shares nearly every routine in his act with the magic community. A bunch of them are superb choices for the family and kids entertainer. At AmazeKids we're especially impressed with Stati-Kid, the easy-to-to, highly visual routine where you turn a kid from the audience into a human magnet. For professional kid show performers, Timmy Toilet Paper makes for an incredible finale and is worth serious consideration. If you're looking to add hilarious routines to your show... complete with detailed patter, originality that will make your audiences laugh out loud, then Tom Burgoon will help you find your funny.

Channel One Issue 13 Magazine
Channel One Issue 13
Magazine by Various and Tom Burgoon - $12.50

Magicians featured in this issue include: Paul Aberstat, Raymond Smullyan, Chris Keppel, Tom Burgoon, John Born, Kev Williams, Kip Pascal, Lee Asher, Paul Chosse, and Steve Reynolds. Effects in this Issue: PSIncerely Yours - Paul Aberstat My Einsteinean...

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