Allan Ackerman Masterclass

Live lecture by Allan Ackerman
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Allan Ackerman Masterclass

75.00 usd

Live lecture by Allan Ackerman ($37.50 - normally $75.00)

We’re delighted to announce that July’s VI Masterclass lecturer is card legend Allan Ackerman!

For more than four decades Allan Ackerman has been praised as an innovator and technician with a pack of cards. He has been on the cutting edge of the card magic scene for so long that his name—and his work—has attained legend status.

But Ackerman seldom appears at lectures or conventions, and particularly in recent years, has not been as visible in the magic community. This is why we're thrilled to welcome Allan Ackerman as our July VI Masterclass instructor.

Allan will be teaching 25 new moves and tricks most of which have never been in print before. There’s some incredibly versatile culls, including one from Brother John Hamman which is the world’s easiest cull! Work on false deals will also be covered including ways to make them really easy to handle. Just a few of the tricks taught are: Almost Impromptu Brainwave, The Grandson of Tetradism, Any Sandwich, Lucky, The Mix and Spade Book Trick.

VI Masterclass brings an incredible learning experience. For the first two Sundays of the month, you’ll be taught all the moves and tricks, then on the last Sunday, we all come together for a live Q&A session where you can ask Allan to go over anything he’s taught.

The chance to learn from a legend is rare. We urge you to join us in July for what promises to be an exceptional experience.

You can buy just this VI Masterclass, but for the best value, subscribe to VI Monthly. That way you’ll get all the Allan Ackerman sessions, plus access to VI Studio which is our highly-curated streaming library with exclusive material from Mac King, Juan Tamariz, Roberto Giobbi and many more. On top of all that you’ll also get free shipping with no minimum spend in the UK and UK. International friends can get 20% off any shipping fees. Oh yes, and it’s $25 cheaper to subscribe to VI Monthly. So it’s a no-brainer really!


Lecture 1 - July 3, 2022
Lecture 2 - July 10, 2022
Live Zoom Q&A - July 17, 2022

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  • Joshua asks: Do you know if he will share the 76 trick? (One of my all time favorites.)

    • 1. Jim answers: If not, you can always ask during the Q&A!
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  • Dave asks: Is there an agenda for what will be covered?

    • 1. Jim answers: It will likely be posted closer to the event.
    • 2. Dave answers: Nope!
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  • Wayne asks: If it is listed, I can’t find it. What time does it start?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The live broadcast starts at 4pm ET. The download will go into your account immediately afterwards,.
  • Rick asks: what time will these start? Is the recorded available next day?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The live broadcast starts at 4pm ET. The download will go into your account immediately afterwards,.
  • Torsten asks: He talks about a new you have any infos on this? Thanks, Torsten

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No info at the moment but hopefully soon!
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Customer reviews for Allan Ackerman Masterclass








Wonderful. Great assortment and clear explanations.



Great to see Allan doing his thing with the pasteboards! Great lecture! Looking forward to next week's session.



Alan Ackerman is truly a card sleight pro! He shared lots of commercial/professional quality tricks and then tipped each one detailing and particular nuance that should be included to make the trick a Masterpiece. So looking forward to next week!



Thank you Allan for sharing some real gems, subtleties, and foolers! Looking forward to next week.



Wow! Even the explanations have surprisingly magic results. Most moves taught are relatively easy, but I will have to watch multiple times to figure out how to arrange them into something magical!



Come for the demonstration and explanation of some fun effects. Stay for the tips on culling and bottom dealing (and Erdnase references)









It is an incredible experience to have a legend visit you in your living room and spend hours teaching you his favorite tricks. His pace and taking it step by step was perfect. I really look forward to Sunday afternoons and I will be replaying these over and over.



There was so much material in the Allan Ackerman Master Classes that my brain melted and I just focused on learning a few (two) tricks. I didn't think the Q&A session would be that valuable, but I was surprised because the trick that I was most drawn to and worked on learning (the 4 for 4 transfer) was asked about in detail from multiple other watchers. Mr. Ackerman's also went into his history with Marlo and others which I found interesting as well (i.e. seeing Tarbell perform is what got Ackerman interested in magic).



I have just finished watching the Allan Ackerman masterclass and it is a real eye opener as Allan is a true card man and he teaches a lot of top class card material with quit a bit of work on the tetradism stack and is teaching is clear and concise and well with in the scope of an intermediate card worker. One of my favorite tricks was the very first trick on week one called brainwave which has the misdirection built in and is areal worker so I highly recommend this lecture.



Ok, this is other level stuff. In today's world of magic, plots are simple and sleights are kept to a minimum. Ackerman is a math/computer guy, and he clearly does not run away from complex series of sleights, subtleties, and arrangements, to get an effect or effects. There is not "a" secret to many of his tricks; there are many. From what I see here, and what I know of his magic (I bought Las Vegas Kardma years ago), he sees magic as an intellectual endeavor as much as anything. That is, he sees or hears of an effect, and he experiments or toys with the effect to get a result he finds acceptable. His routines have a complexity to them not often seen. He is a card man's card man. His effects aren't pointed toward the walk-around magician, stage magician, or platform magician. His effects are by the cognoscenti for the cognoscenti. His tricks appear to me to be more "solutions" to "problems" that he decides to tackle. And there are A LOT of them taught here. So I enjoyed observing his tricks. There are about two or three that I may pay with. It is a lot to take in.



Allen Ackerman is such an amazing man. This is worth every penny.



Really nice class, however I wish it would have been stated it was for more intermediate card skills as I still think of myself as in the beginner stage. I do wish Allan spent more time on the sleights he used. I am still learning card sleights and while I really enjoyed all the effects I was a little lost on some of the moves in performing them. I have a long way to go in getting up to speed but looking forward to it.





Very technical card routines with good work on tetradism stacks. Like others, will need to take time going through the video sessions to learn them - much shown with little time to grasp just by looking at them live. Good finesses on some sleights