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Marc Paul Masterclass

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Magic download (video) by Marc Paul ($75.00)

World-renowned mentalist Marc Paul presents an action-packed Masterclass download series, all gleaned from decades traveling the globe and performing in the most exclusive venues. In two nearly 90-minute classes, he goes deep and wide on the very concepts that mentalists struggle with most.

In the first download, Marc delivers a true masterclass on billet work. Inspired by Annemann's "Telepathy Plus," he shares his Triple Billet Test, a routine honed through thousands of performances. At no point in this routine are any of the billets perceptibly opened, and Marc also shares his unique approach to making billet work completely invisible. Marc also covers one of his most coveted card routines, which is, in essence, a card "system." With this routine, you can discover, under impossible conditions, any card called for, repeat it, and then end with an ACAAN routine that seems absolutely incomprehensible. All these phases rely on one core concept, and it's something easy enough for anyone to master.

In the second download, Marc fully explains the inner most working of a routine that he has kept to himself for over 20 years; his commercial approach to The Q & A Act. This is a practical, streamlined, and structured way of revealing your audiences most intimate secrets. If you have ever wanted to perform Q & A this will tell you everything you need to know and give you a rock solid way of doing it that is both highly deceptive and diverse. Over the course of 12 to 15 minutes you’ll perform over 15 reveals! AND, unlike most Q&A acts, this one has a blockbuster ending!

These downloads were recorded as part of the Vanishing Inc. Masterclass series offered through VI Monthly. As part of that, there was a Live Zoom Q&A recorded in which guests got to ask Marc a variety of questions about the two lectures (and anything else they wanted to know). This live session was recorded and is also a treasure trove of hidden gems that is included with your purchase.


Community questions about Marc Paul Masterclass

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  • matt windsor asks: Gutted. I'd like to book Paul's Masterclass but I'm on holiday 1/5/22 and working 8/5/22 - will a recording be available? Thanks - Matt

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, if you are subscribed, recordings will be available.
    • 2. matt windsor answers: Drat. Thanks for letting me know but I just want to see Marc rather than taking out a subscription.
    • 3. Ron answers: You can subscribe for one month.
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  • Doug asks: If I have purchased the Masterclass, but am not a subscriber, will the recording be available?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes.
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  • Cory asks: Is Marc willing to do a third masterclass? I love his thinking. Also will vanishing inc be producing his book I’ve heard a rumour.

    • 1. Jim answers: Anything is possible. Keep the faith!
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  • Bart asks: If I subscribe today for one month, will I loose access to Paul's lectures when the subscription stops?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, it will be in your account to stream or download and watch at your leisure. But, if you subscribe to VI+, you'll get it all, plus VI Studio, plus free shipping with no minimum spend AND save $25. Of course, you can cancel with one click from within your account at the end of Marc's month if you wish.
  • Stuart asks: Today is the 30th of April. I am thinking to subscribe for one month for Mr. Paul’s lecture. However the info on the purchase page says that subscriptions renew and charge on the first of the month. Based on that it would seem I would be charged now for April, and then again tomorrow for May? So as that is how it is stated as far as I understand it, then I should wait to subscribe tomorrow yes? Basically I don’t want to subscribe for regular payments, I find it annoying that everyone wants to go that route, but I’d like to join this masterclass. As it looks now if is subscribe and then cancel I save $25. It’s a bit of a hassle and confusing. Plus you’ll end up with a lot of people forgetting and paying for a month they didn’t intend to.

    • 1. Stuart answers: I don’t understand what they need to ship?
    • 2. Bart answers: Good question. And a good thing that you mention this. I'll wait until tomorrow as well. I'm not interested in the free shipping with VI+ because I don't order from the UK anymore because of expensive customs. (A continental warehouse could solve this).
    • 3. Bart answers: Stuart, that is because they proposed a VI+ subscription to me which includes free shipping of everything. See above. Anyway, I subscribe today. I don't want to miss this lecture.
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  • Sven asks: Is anything of this material covered previously, i.e in Alakazam*s Marc Paul masterclass or in the Penguin lectures?

    • 1. Marc answers: From Marc Paul Just to clarify Jay's answer... The effect of my Triple Billet Test is the same as Annemann's Telepathy Plus but IMO much more deceptive as no billets are opened as far as the audience is concerned. On my Alakazam Academy I discussed about three or four different ways to perform Telepathy Plus and yes some of the moves are the same but this exact handling was not taught. It is a streamlined handling that I have used professionally for years and I believe it solves many of the problems associated with billet work. Regarding the card routine one phase of it was released in the 90's but the other two phases are being revealed for the first time here. My Q & A has never been commercially released until now. I hope that helps.
    • 2. Jay answers: Based on the description of this class, I believe some of the material has also been covered in previous lectures/workshops. For example, in his Alakazam workshop he covered Annemann's Telepathy Plus, which will also be covered in his first lecture here. But his Q&A Act hasn't been revealed in his Alakazam or Penguin lectures, I don't believe.
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  • Tod asks: What time does this begin on Pacific time today? Thx!

    • 1. Jay answers: It starts at 4PM NYC time, and the Eastern Time Zone time (where NYC is located) is 3 hours ahead of Pacific Time, so 4PM minus 3 hours is 1PM Pacific Time.
    • 2. Tod answers: Never mind... Just found it. 4 ET, 1 PT. Hope my April "Pause" is lifted!
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  • Robert asks: Two questions: 1) By subscribing I forever have access to the Masterclasses that occurred during my membership. However, as today is 6th May I have already missed the first of Marc's masterclasses, so does that mean I would need to purchase that lecture separately? 2) Does buying a one-off lecture mean I get access to just the one lecture, or the whole Masterclass (ie 2 lectures & the Q&A)? (Looking at previous Masterclasses I assume that buying a one-off lecture actually gives access to the whole Masterclass of three lectures).

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 1) Correct. As long as you subscribe during the month, you'll receive all of the lectures. 2) By buying a one-off Masterclass, you'll get all 3 lectures.
  • Tod asks: Hello! Before Marc's final lecture/Q & A session on Sunday begins, I'd like to find out if we (you?) can ask him if he would mind providing several examples (or a downloadable list) of a number of previously used "structured question" cards he discussed in his Sunday, May 8, lecture? He had a rather large stack from the past so I'm hoping he might have a list of several saved somewhere. It could be quite a helpful starter in beginning to create our/my own question cards. Thank you!

    • 1. Jim answers: I have told the team, so this should be in the Q&A list.
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Customer reviews for Marc Paul Masterclass



Excellent! Particularly like the ideas surrounding the choreography of the billet routine which embedded very clean covers for all of the key moves. Definitely one I'll be practising as a possible inclusion in my act! Presentation was clear and well shot with lots of nuanced tips that show how the routines have been refined through repeat performances. Really enjoyed - thank you!



In this masterclass Marc is, as expected - fantastic. He is in the minority here in the UK, he actually performs shows and know where the real value is. I enjoyed the first week very much and I’m most excited to learn his approach to Q&A because it’s one that I know he has actually performed countless times over the last 20 years. He is a real pro. A class act.



The billet routine is absolutely brilliant!



Marc is one of my favorite performers, and an outstanding teacher! I have his previous Alakazam and Penguin lectures, and this new Master Class from Vanishing, Inc. does not disappoint! The three billet routine is simply outstanding. Three thoughts are written down and folded into quarters by the spectators, and the mind reader is able to read each thought. The billets are then handed back to the spectators without being opened. At least that's what they see and will remember. No quick peeks! Marc teaches you how to get the information in the most deceptive way without having to rush. Outstanding. Looking forward to week 2 on the Q & A!



Excellent! Well prepared and structured, ideas beautifully articulated and presented. Especially useful material on billets from a true master! Looking forward to 2nd part on Q&A sets. Bravo and thanks to Mark Paul and Vanishing Inc -- another Masterclass winner!











Fantastic, I think this was the best Masterclass since David Regal. I loved the focus on one full routine at a time in incredibly clear detail, without ever overwhelming us with too much material.



Appreciated all the detail on preparation of each item involved from stands, to blindfold, to lighting, question prep and more. Great details to remember.





Marc has a very clear way of delivering and teaching the two effects on this first session of the Master class. I was more then pleased to discover that the three billet presentation he teaches, is well within my ablility. Of course a lot of practise will be needed but one I am capable of undertaking.
My search for a routine where you don’t handle and tear the papers definately fills this requirement.
Thank you Marc for such a great job of working out the blocking and presentation for us all.




Julien Losa

As a fellow cruise ship entertainer and an obsessed billet worker, I couldn't pass on watching Marc's Masterclass ! And boy, he nailed it ! His stage billets routine is well crafted (although not a huge fan of his compromise of turning his back but it DOES make sense so... it's just a matter of personal taste) and I will most certainly give it a go (with some personal changes) as soon as I'm back on stage.
His Q&A is simple/effective ! You can definitely feel the worker talking, great insights ! (and the intro effect he uses to start the Q&A act is a great idea !!)
Overall, it's always a joy to learn from Marc Paul, it's rare nowadays to see a real worker talking about things he actually does <3





Marc Paul is a brilliant performer, and his expertise shows through with his explanations of real-world working effects. His Q&A method is fabulous, easy to do, and upon recognizing that the hard part isn't necessarily the method but the performance itself, he delves into how to actually answer the questions and reveal the details. So, even if you cannot do a Q&A routine like his (specifically) you can always take this information and put it to good use. Bravo, my friend, and thank you so much for sharing this with us!





Brilliant routines, thoughtful and insightful teaching designed to provide masterful mentalism routines for the serious performer.



Fabulous. I'll pick up anything Marc Paul puts out.



One of my favorite master classes. Thankfully most had nothing to do with playing cards. The billet work was perfect and extremely helpful. I hope more master classes will follow suite. Love the crediting and history. Obvious that both were routines were worked a thousand times or more. Thank you for taking this seriously and offering great proven solutions.



So glad I decided to purchase the Marc Paul lecture. The billet routine alone is worth the cost of the entire lecture series. Excellent material and well taught!





Marc is engaging & charming, but this should have been a live lecture/masterclass like all the prior ones!!! I am hopeful that the last 2 will be live and not pre-recorded. The material is wonderful, the attention to details is awesome!!



Marc Paul always delivers hard-hitting commercial material. I enjoyed section one of his masterclass. Looking forward to section two!





Part 1.

This Masterclass was prerecorded, of which a lot can be said about the lack of interaction. But the video quality was excellent, especially with multiple cameras perfect for Marc Paul's explanations.

He went through everything in great detail and his knowledge and experience shows. I also love that he got a little bit into the history of things, showing the respect where it's due.

Again, high quality on every aspect but I personally missed the interaction, but I can only imagine this will all come together in the Q&A session. But first I'm looking forward to next week's video.

Marc Paul Masterclass by Marc Paul