10S Star Sign Divination

Magic download (ebook) by Olivier Boes
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10S Star Sign Divination

13.00 usd

Magic download (ebook) by Olivier Boes (13.00)

Using just two lines of script, you can divine a person's star sign. 

  • No language restrictions
  • No anagrams
  • No dual reality
  • Easy and direct
Just read the PDF and it's an amazingly clever idea.Michael Murray
I've been using this for around one week now, and it is very clever. When used right, it is undetected by spectators. It seems so innocent! I really like this and will be using it a lot! 10S Star Sign should be in every mentalist's toolkit. I love how this can be done so fast and that it can be built into a conversation. It's sneaky, and that is the best part! You don't appear to be performing anything (until you choose to) so their guard is down whilst you're gaining the information. Fantastic! I highly recommend this! You won't be disappointed!Lewis Le Val
I absolutely love this method. [...] I will be working on other uses for this as I'm sure this principle has a lot more potential. If you are into prop less, then get it." Fraser Parker

As you know, at Vanishing Inc. we are always honest with our product descriptions. So, it's important that you know that this will not always work 100% of the time but our experience has shown that it will work 8-9 times out of 10. Don't let this put you off though. This method is very useful, very practical and worthwhile for any mentalist or magician.

PDF ebook - 11 pages


Customer reviews for 10S Star Sign Divination

VI Monthly


This a great wee effect, simple and easy to follow.



Devilishly simple and effective. The PDF is only a handful of pages and the method can be explained in two paragraphs - but if you want a wonderful way to enhance a mentalism routine - buy it. This is not a stand-alone effect, but it packs a punch.



The PDF is about two pages and only the principle is given. The principle is so simple it'll make you wonder why haven't I tried this before. It's bold and propless mentalism at its finest. Great for readings and other information reveal routines (i.e. birthday). I've tried it out on couple people and it stunned them. Now, the success rate depends on your confidence and experience but overall, this is a must.



Easy to follow, direct, straight to the point.
I'm happy to say this could not be any more simple than it already is.
Effects like this can be built upon into your own routines and can easily distract away from the method for complete covert performance. I perform shows 3 times a week and will definitely add this to enhance one of my own routines.

Thank you



Brilliant and oh so sneaky! The method is so easy and so blatant that I thought there was no way it would work. But it HAS. Not just once or twice but 18 times in 2 days. Full disclosure, I had a single miss, but that was easily handled per the manuscript and the spectator never knew I had missed anything at all!



Hmmm....not sure why "pretty good" isn't as good as "good" in these ratings, but we'll go with it. This IS direct and good.

The reason I didn't go with "excellent" is because in the download there is a link to a site that is supposed to have bonus ideas/routines. That link is dead. If you back up in the URL chain to Olivier's web site, it isn't up and running either. Will check back periodically if he's made any progress.


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