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Magic download (video) by Jason Sobel
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ESPidus Novus

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Magic download (video) by Jason Sobel ($10.00)

While Jason Sobel may not be a household name, this SENSATIONAL download will go right into your professional repertoire.

Jason has combined three classic feats of mentalism and put them together in a routine that packs a LOT of impact in a short amount of time. You ask someone to choose a symbol written on your business card, and then to write down a city they'd like to travel to. All of this is done while your back is turned. Finally, the spectator hides the business card in any hand. When you turn around, you immediately nail the hand, the symbol, and then the city. Boom. Boom. Boom. It's easy to do, can be done surrounded, and is an example of the hardest-hitting mentalism we're aware of.

Credit: Jerome Finley also combines the Acidus Novus peek with a "Which Hand" premise, and we wish to acknowledge that his idea came prior to Jason's handling.

Running time: 32 minutes


Community questions about ESPidus Novus

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  • 1.

    John asks: Is each phase 100%?

    • 1. JOHN answers: Yes
    • 2. Travis answers: not exactly the Which Hand should be as reliable as the (I think Derren Brown?) "repeat it over and over in your head" ploy if you know your stuff then getting it wrong won't kill the routine, but it's not 100%
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  • 2.

    Bill asks: Can it be downloaded as a PDF instead of a video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: ESPidus Novus is currently only available as a video.
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  • 3.

    Simeon asks: Can you predict a card that someone is thinking of?

    • 1. Eli answers: Yes. Any short piece of info. (card, pin number, word, city, etc.)
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  • 4.

    JL asks: Can the video be downloaded onto an iPhone. Say in Docs or something for viewing anytime?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the video can be downloaded.
    • 2. Edgardo answers: Due to my experience with previous downloads, you can not download it unles you’re on a PC. However, you can see the vids on your phone.
    • 3. David answers: Had no issues with downloading to iPhone and iPad (as long as it has an upto date iOS - My old ipad (1 or 2) doesnt have the needed iOS so won't work. But on newer iPads and iPhone no issues at all. I will check if it works OK on my Samsung.
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  • 5.

    Christina asks: Is Millard Longman also credited for his peek being taught?

    • 1. Jason answers: Yes! It was produced with his blessing and he is verbally credited in the video itself
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  • 6.

    Mark asks: Is the which hand part 100% failure proof?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you follow Jason's instructions, the effect works every time. He goes through all of the outcomes.
    • 2. Bruce answers: Jason says it is not 100%
    • 3. Hugo answers: No its not 100% failure proof.
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  • 7.

    Antonio asks: Do i need a gimmick for this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This trick is ungimmicked.
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  • 8.

    Evan asks: Does this work with business cards?

    • 1. Tony answers: It works
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Customer reviews for ESPidus Novus


Just bought this and watched it. I've always wanted to learn a good peek routine and now I have!! I thought it would be hard but it's not bad at all. Not heard of Jason before. Will Vanishing Inc have more of his downloads?



Worth three times what I paid for it. 10/10



The routine is very well constructed in 3 incremental faces. As all the dirty work happens at the beginning it leads you to focus on your presentation. It's totally a worker effect!



One of the best mentalism routines out there. I can't BELIEVE this is just $10!!!



I usually am never compelled to write reviews for products I purchase. But this is an exception.

There are so many versions of the which hand effect. I even have created a few. But this is a nice little ploy that hits with a lot of impact. After doing a little game of which hand to warm up, you now can reveal on of the ESP signs. Then you can reveal whatever information they are thinking of (City, pin code, name, etc.).

I'm not new to the art of mentalism. I actually recognized the methods. But I'm still so impressed by the little subtleties that make this a great piece for walk around and as an organic piece of mentalism. I'm excited what else Jason is going to publish.



Cool!!! LOVE THIS!



Excellent! It's a well structured, multi-layered effect that is very, very powerful. I've seen Jason kill with this routine.



Works every time. The peek is very easy and deceptive.



Great buy. Great tutorial. You will use this!



If you don't already know and perform a version of Acidus Plus, this will be a good introduction to the effect. Well explained, with some nice subtleties. I bought the download, however, because I liked adding the "Which hand" bit to Acidus Plus. The explanation for that, unfortunately, was sorely lacking.



I am not prone to write many reviews, yet I do strongly rely on other people’s bad. I was however very motivated to post here how excited I am about learning this. This is an amazing, three-phase routine that is so well thought out, and so wonderfully taught! Truly a steal at twice the asking price. Bravo, Jason, and thank you VanishingInc!



This is a fine addition to a long line of approaches to the Acidus Novus peek. As clever as the approach is to determining which drawing the person chooses, I think the multiple revelation dilutes the drama of direct mind reading reinforced with subtle cold reading. That said, the handling and the peek are disarming and rock solid, which to my mind, is more than enough!



This routine gives some good info on getting the access to the slip. It is a well thought out concept on an already proven over the years idea.



The routine is extremely well constructed and provides a lot of impact for very little effort. There are multiple touches taught that come from hundreds of real world performances (like how to peek information when the light is poor). Highly recommended!



Awesome mentalist trick. I’m not thrilled with the “which hand” part, but the ESP symbols and the naming part are terrific. Can easily be learned in 30 minutes of practice and it’s already been a show stopper for me! Well worth the download price! Get this trick!



I'm such a sucker for effects like this. What especially appealed to me about this one is its multi-phase revelation. I was able to perform it after a couple of days practice, and my wife - the toughest critic out there - was totally bamboozled. You'll need to "practice smart" to get the p**k convincing, but it flew right past the other folks I showed it to. VERY highly recommended, and a real bargain.



This is a good one. You basically get two tools for the price of one, and each is well taught and demonstrated. I really like the routine that’s included, but I’m also abuzz with all the different uses these techniques could have. Highly recommended.



Have not had a chance to use it yet, but it seems relatively easy to perform. I plan to use use a somewhat different routine, but the basics are great and am confident that it will add to my performances.



Very well-structured routine! Although it's not a 100% sure-fire routine, I think I'll include it in my show. Recommended!



This is very good. Clean, efficient, a worker. The presentation is bare bones and so if you're looking for material for casual or informal situations (or arguably for more emotionally impactful presentations) you might look elsewhere. But for something like a table hopping scenario where you just have to get things done and fast, this is the kind of thing you want.



I’m very impressed with this routine. I’m not a mentalist, but I include the Center Tear as a regular part of my strolling repertoire. This struck me as similar, in terms of props and method, but with a nice 3-phase structure. I particularly like the “which hand” method, which was new for me. Teaching is clear, enough. I notice the glimpse takes a split second longer than with CT, but I don’t expect it to be a problem. I’m not a fan of the abstract symbols, so I bought a set of children’s stamps in the stationary store. Lots to choose from-sports themes, animals, cars, etc. Am very much looking forward to making this a regular feature during strolling, and couldn’t be happier with the price!



Has utility and could be taught a little clearer.



i bought this last week and only had the chance to watch this now.
Great peek and a wonderfull video explanation.
i always searched for a peek i feel comfortable with and now i found the one!



This is an excellent utility move taught effectively, as well as a bonus wrinkle to double the leverage of the basic move. Pleased to see the credit to the original innovator within the video, as well as a number of excellent additions and a really smooth handling of the move. In addition to the core move, several variations of a full routine are included, with multiple performances to give a clear sense of the structure and timing. The presentation is good, but not so tethered to an individual performance style that it will be difficult to adapt to suit your own character. The instruction overall is clear, although Josh prompts emphasis on some key details that help to breakdown the move into smaller components, as Jason is so comfortable with the move itself that separating it into distinct actions and elements seemed like a challenge. Overall, a few ready to go routines as well as clear coverage of a utility move that opens up a tremendous number of possibilities.



I would recommend this product. All too often something is promoted as being more than it is. What you see in the trailer is exactly what you get.
The only issues I would say are that it says you can be surrounded. I would argue that you risk exposing what you're doing if people are stood all around you. That said it would still work for walk around.



This is a serious, well-thought out, very methodical mentalism routine that can applied or customized to suit an original routine of your own. Very well shot and explained from every angle. Joshua Jay even shows up and clarifies some of the fine points and minor details to make everything crystal clear. Well worth it.



Great routine to perform everywhere!



I have to say I am blown away by this routine. Anytime classic plots are reworked I’m intrigued. Mr. Sobel has crafted a well thought out and logical update to all three phases. I can work this into any setting and it will make an impact.



Although the ESP addition to the peek is very good and I added it to my repertoire, the video is pretty short and not detailed enough. The which hand part does NOT work 100% of the times.



Like most peeks from billets or centre tears you need confidence to do it well but this three phase routine helps cover the moment.



This is an amazingly devious routine and an instant inclusion to my set list. I’ve had every scope and range of reactions, from speechless awe, hysterical laughter in disbelief to tears. I can not recommend this routine enough.

-J. Edward Ford



Fantastic adaptation of an incredible move. You’re able to acquire a TON of information in a split second. Brilliant Mentalism!!!



Great idea, executed properly (not that easy) is for sure a reputation builder !



The other reviews have endorsed ESPidus Novus quite well. I want to touch on the teaching... It was not a rush job of explanation, though the which hand aspect, I would have liked a little more time with, but that’s just me. In the long run, Jason Sobel is a good teacher and you will not be disappointed with EsPidous Novus

ESPidus Novus by Jason Sobel