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Question and Answer - magic

From the personal repertoire of New York mentalist Eli Bosnick, “Question and Answer” is a way to leave lasting magic with your audience long after your performance is over. Originally published in the Jerx's members only magazine, this is the first public release of the effect. In a reversal of roles, your spectator ends up reading YOUR mind in this commercial, worker routine.


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So crazy that you have given this away for free. Thanks!!!!!


R. Lee

Fabulous presentation of any method to get the info - very well done!



i cant say anything but WOW!
This simple routine is definitely not a new method, but it surely is such a powerful way to do mentalism! what a brilliant release ! i like freebies but some of them arent that good but Vinc release such an amazing freebie once again! next to magic in mind this is a short but sweet routine! Good job!



Really cool idea to create a moment of genuine astonishment.



Really Love this! Much better than the last mentalism download I PAID for...



This is the greatest magic trick ever. However I was distracted by how handsome the guy teaching it was. He should be the third partner in vanishing inc based on his handsomeness alone



Love the concept of the delayed effect, extending the magic beyond the moment, and having the experience follow the participant home. The impact of demonstrations of this nature can be hugely amplified and much more genuine when the person experiences a private revelation like this alone. Fantastic presentational framing and very clever justification that overcomes a common issue for a classic magician/mentalist tool. Thank you for sharing what is sure to be a reputation-maker for many!



Another excellent piece by one of my favorite performers.



Eli’s enthusiasm and love for performing shine through in everything he does. So interesting!






Simple and pure. Great effect.



I found "Question and Answer" highly enjoyable, easy to perform such a simple misdirection and yet thrilling to see the expression on your participants reaction , brilliant!



Simply wonderful! Will give your audience a special moment they will cherish, can’t believe this was free!



Old school effect with a good, thinking-out-of-the-box performance. And it's free. What a deal!

Question and Answer by Eli Bosnick