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Magic download (video) by Casper (24.95)

Step into the world of pseudo-hypnosis with "Hy-Pe (Hypnotic Persuasion)" by Casper.

Casper has been performing hypno-based effects for over a decade. On this download, he shares his favorite routines that can be performed at all types of venues—especially those in which you can't afford to have a major failure with risky methods. While this is not traditional hypnosis, these effects are so strong, don't be surprised if they lead into actual hypnosis.

"Hy-Pe" is a pseudo hypnosis system where Casper lays the groundwork for peppering pseudo-hypnosis effects into your regular hypnosis or mentalism routine.

There are two main effects that Casper teaches how to do, using two different methods, as well as some helpful bonus tips.

So, what makes "Hy-Pe" different?

This is the type of system for those mentalists and hypnotists that often find themselves in positions where failure isn't an option. "Hy-Pe" is the perfect alternative for creating genuine illusions of hypnosis without any of the worries.


This is an innovative and powerful way to conduct a bulletproof amnesia demonstration. If you are doing hypnosis and you run up on that difficult person, this amnesiac effect creates the illusion through reliable, mechanical means.

This is 100%. You can't fail.

Taste Sensation

The next effect is one you'll want to do when you're looking to stand out. It's essentially a taste sensation routine where the setup is done right under the participant's nose. Therefore, they themselves cancel out any preconceptions or logical guesses they may have about the effect. In fact, setting up the effect is a pivotal part of the method.

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