13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set

Trick by Richard Osterlind, Tony Corinda and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set

99.95 usd

Trick by Richard Osterlind, Tony Corinda and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. (99.95)

In stock.
13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set - magic
13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set 13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set 13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set 13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set 13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set 13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set

Everything you need to start performing professional quality mentalism in one amazing set.

Tony Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism has long been considered one of the essential mentalism books every mentalist must read. Now, you will not only get all the expert instruction in video format, but also the materials you need to get started right away.

You'll receive 12 hours of world-class mentalism instruction expertly taught by one of the world's most respected mentalists, Richard Osterlind. He performs every effect for a live audience before being joined by master magician Jim Sisti to walk you through every step in precise detail.

These are timeless effects that any performer can use. No other mentalism set offers this level of professional effects paired with high-quality props. It's everything you need in one convenient set.

"This is a full career building kit!! As far as mentalism goes this doesn't get any better. A masterclass in mentalism.." Paul Romhany

Just some of the materials you'll receive include:

  • Specially printed (Gaffed) ESP cards
  • High-quality, techno-color card set
  • Knights tour
  • Deluxe blindfold
  • Ghost deck marker
  • Billets
  • Plus all the secret gimmicks, tools and special materials you need to start performing immediately
  • SPECIAL BONUS: In this special edition set, you will also receive a hand-crafted, magnetic, billet knife (letter opener style)

"13 Steps to Mentalism, I remember the first time reading 13 Steps to Mentalism and being mind-blown at having a whole world open up to me. I find myself constantly going back to 13 Steps for inspiration all these years later. Murphy's Magic sent me their new 13 Steps box whilst I was in L.A. I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. I was blown away by the teaching on there just like the first time I picked up the book. Every night for a month straight after working on set, I would get back to the hotel and binge watch the material and play with the props. It's a must for any mentalist."
Peter Turner

A look at some of the many effects and topics covered:

  • Swami Gimmicks
  • Dartboard Prediction
  • Living and Dead Tests
  • Muscle Reading
  • The Ghost Deck
  • Memory Tests
  • The Magic Square
  • Sightless Vision Act
  • Presentations
  • Q&A act
  • Knight's Tour
  • Simple Card Systems
  • Predictions
  • Billet Knives
  • Pencils
  • Indexes
  • A Million to One Test
  • The Prophesy
  • The Hanging Prediction
  • Mental Masterpiece (Fogel's Newspaper Prediction) Billets
  • The Center Tear
  • Dr. Jaks' Crystal Locket
  • My Word
  • The Missing Link
  • The Crossword Puzzle
  • Mediumistic Stunts
  • The Cold Hand
  • Zarkamorta II
  • Spirit Slates
  • Photo Memory
  • The Incredible Slate Test
  • Blind Coincidence
  • Two Minds
  • Before Your Very Eyes
  • Publicity Stunts
  • Headline Predictions
  • Opening Effects
  • The Sujan Location
  • And much, much more!

"The 13 Steps Special Edition Set has some of the most coveted methods and secrets in all of mentalism. Richard Osterlind is one of the most influential mentalists in the world. Osterlind's vision and subtleties on Corinda's work in this monumental project will not only provide you with a solid foundation to becoming a professional level mentalist, but the direct nature of the material within is a MASTERCLASS in making mind reading entertaining! Plus you get loads of cool shit in the box!!" Dee Christopher

"The 13 Steps to Mentalism Special Edition Set is fundamental for anyone that want to get started mentalism, but also for seasoned performers that want to go back to classics in a new light. Richard is a fantastic teacher and the high-quality props & tools included will allow you to perform these routines straight out of the box!" Luca Volpe

"Murphy's Magic has Created the DEFINITIVE mentalist's toolkit! This is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. You'll never have to buy another mentalist book, tool, or prop for the rest of your career!" Jeff Stone

"I absolutely love how the special edition set includes everything you need to start learning and performing the art of mentalism from one of the greatest books on the subject to EVER EXIST! I often refer to Corinda's work for inspiration. And with 12 hours of instructional video from one of mentalisms most creative thinkers, Richard Osterlind makes this a dream. Plus, all the gimmicks and tools being included takes this set over the top! The 13 Steps Special Edition set is a no brainer!!" Josh Zandman

"The '13 Steps' is the cornerstone of mentalism. It belongs on every mentalist's shelf and deserves to be thoroughly studied. We all owe Corinda a huge debt of gratitude for it. That said, to have the opportunity to have one of the giants of mentalism, Richard Osterlind walk you through this monumental work, giving you the benefit of professional insights and decades of experience along the way, well, that's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed. And NOW, with the addition of having so much of the accoutrements that you need for the journey included, all in one package? This is no-brainer territory. You owe it to yourself to get the 13 STEPS TO MENTALISM SPECIAL EDITION SET and get the very best of the '13 Steps' experience that has ever been offered." Mark Strivings

"The 13 Steps to Mentalism Special Edition Set is an incredible treasure trove of mentalism knowledge. Richard Osterlind's exceptional teaching style coupled with all the secret gimmicks and tools makes this an indispensable fusion of wisdom and entertainment that is an absolute must-see for anyone interested in mentalism." Joel Dickinson

"I was delighted and surprised when our friends at Murphy's Magic sent over a 13 Steps Special Edition Set to go along with my Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism video series. Jim and I spent over a year preparing for the project and this package would have been invaluable at the time. The blindfold is magnificent as well as the Knight's Tour, Billet Knife and other items which fit perfectly with the work we did. You won't have to run around trying to assemble the materials to work the effects shown on the recordings as many of them are right here in this package. Whether you are new to mentalism, or an advanced pro, you will find this kit to be priceless. I congratulate Murphy's Magic for their work in assembling these props and making them available to augment my recordings and, more importantly, to aid in bringing to life Corinda's magnificent creation of what is known as the bible of mentalism!" Richard Osterlind

"Unboxing the new 13 Steps to Mentalism Special Edition Set, I had a strong feeling of déjà vu, harking back to opening my first magic kit as a kid. As I removed the lid and began to explore the contents, it invoked similar feelings as I turned over the props in my hands and imagined what wonders they could create. If you're thinking of making the jump into mentalism but have been hesitant due to the sheer amount of material available and lack of a clear starting point, this new offering from Murphy's Magic is your answer. Coupling Richard Osterlind's authoritative updated performances and instruction on the most important parts of Corinda's seminal book with a good number of the necessary props to get you started is a wonderful idea and Murphy's Magic has executed it brilliantly." Jim Sisti

Note: The videos are exactly the same as 13 Steps To Mentalism original.


Customer reviews for 13 Steps To Mentalism Special Edition Set



What a great kit and the video instructions are invaluable if a little dated in places now. All the included props and tutorials make this a steal at this price. If you are anyway interested in mentalism and I’d say pick this up!



Excellent set. The videos are informative and entertaining. The props you need are all in there and high quality. They even included the correct type of paper clips. Absolutely stuffed with goodness and worth it if you don't already have all this stuff lying around.


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  • Jack asks: Slightly confused, does this contain the book or not??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No book is included
  • William asks: Are the videos the same ones in Osterlind's 6 DVD set?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the exact same videos.
  • Ruben asks: Does it come with the book...?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No book, it's the downloadable video instructions and the props.
  • JP asks: So I'm assuming that this is a download of those CD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct. You’ll receive the props and a download link
  • JP asks: Is the link an Instruction Link that take you to a different page away from Vanishing Inc website? Or does it go to your download section? I love purchasing Vanishing Inc when it goes to my download section. It's one of the best thing about the Vanishing Inc, the downloads always remembers where you left off, but if it provides a link to another website that it doesn't do that then there's no advantage to buying it here.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This would be away from the VI website.
  • Jonathan asks: Does the set include everything you need to perform every trick in the book or just the ones in the videos? Because I assume that not every trick from the book is included in the videos, right?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Just the ones in the videos. You'll have to provide some smaller items like extra notepads and pencils and markers.
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